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Accreditation of teachers - Accreditamento docenti

Accreditation of teachers - Accreditamento docenti

Dear colleagues,

as director of the first school for medical masseurs in Italian-speaking Switzerland, in order to be able to define myself as a "teacher", and "director" of a school capable of issuing Swiss federal degrees, countersigned by the Swiss Red Cross, I had to attend courses specialists with whom I became officially recognized as a certified teacher and therefore "Trainer for Adults",

and Director of a certified school and therefore "Trainer of Trainers for Adults, moreover (not compulsory) I attended the specialist course with relative certification in" design "

Specifically, I then attended specialized courses for expert Swiss Red Cross examiners.

It is with this experience that, in addition to my 40 years of teaching and school management, I consider it honest to be able to define and present myself as a teacher and director of a school.

Based on this experience but also due to the increasing demand for questions on the topics:

> Specialized training for independent teachers,

> Specialized training for school directors and managers

> Specialist training of teachers and school directors in the field of continuing professional training