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Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage is recommended at this time of pandemic

Why Manual Lymphatic Drainage is recommended at this time of pandemic Immune stimulation and acceleration of healing processes. Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates the immune system of the lymph nodes, the removal of waste and toxins, healing and wound healing correction by preventing the formation of excess scar tissue (keloids), according to is present in the postoperative period, in protection from pressure tests in the elderly or in people bedridden for long periods, burns, trauma and varicose ulcers. Perché è consigliato il Drenaggio Linfatico Manuale in questo momento di pandemia Stimolo immunitario e accelerazione dei processi di guarigione. Il Drenaggio Linfatico Manuale stimola il

ODM International Elite Therapist Members,

ODM International Elite Therapist Members, Who are the elite ODM International Therapist Members? They are therapists who are already graduates or graduates operating and recognized nationally in their own country (minimum 4 years) with a training of not less than 1300 hours of frontal lessons in theory and practice, and internship. Or, they are complementary therapists, and holistic operators who have already graduated, are operating and nationally recognized in their own country (minimum 4 years) with a training of not less than 900 hours of lectures on theory and practice, and internships. Therapists in both categories have obtained a further international certification and ODM Internatio

ODM International Albania 🇦🇱

https://www.facebook.com/groups/227531118502968/members/​ Emri im eshte Lavdije Claudia Musaj ,pergjegjesja e kesaj faqe e personi qe do te kontatoni per seksionin odm internazional ne shqiperi. Jam ne disposizion per regjistrimin dhe informazion ne shoqaten internazionale... faleminderit per vemendjen. Abonimet tona shërbejnë kryesisht për këto qëllime: * Krijimin e një rrjeti kompjuterik që lejon promovimin në aktivitetet profesionale të të gjithë anëtarëve të regjistruar në sektoret përkatëse, në aftësitë e tyre profesionale, në rajonin apo shtetin e tyre. Lehtësimi i shkëmbimeve ndërkulturore në lidhje me sektorin tonë, aktivitetet e formimit profesional dhe aleancën me përdoruesit

Therapist members registration 2020: Lavdije Musaj 🇦🇱

Therapist membership 2020: Lavdije Musaj holistic operator x.claudia@live.it https://claudiamusaj.com/ owner at the Musaj wellness center via marzorati 62 Varese 🇮🇹 +39 320 842 6322 well-being Musaj at the Pink salon salt cave viale castagnola 21 Lugano 🇨🇭 ‎+41 91 971 68 69 Graduated masseuse Sports massage Decontracting massage Draining massage Foot reflexolog Therapist and teacher in classic massage and bamboo massage Participant among the 20 masseurs of Sanremo 2020 Rai advertising

Beyond the many difficulties and restrictions that we are experiencing

Beyond the many difficulties and restrictions that we are experiencing, the relationship with our elite therapist partners has remained solid. Indeed new registrations have arrived, new ODM International groups have been opened on this social network, articles and announcements are regularly published on our international website/blog by our ODM International bloggers, excellent educational programs have been prepared by the training bodies with which we have signed memoranda of understanding these will presumably become operational in September/October 2020, and all the intercultural events that were planned for these months have only been postponed. We remain as usual available to all memb

ODM International professional profiles network Roger Battiston 🇮🇹

https://www.facebook.com/groups/224823565278317/members/ April 6, 2020, my name is Roger Battiston, massage therapist and massage therapist Dipl. MCB. I celebrate the first anniversary of the convention with International Board of Massage Therapist Association Registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland I have joined this initiative dedicated and aimed at the professional growth of the activities of massage therapy, manual physical medicine, and complementary medicine through information, professional training and full compliance with our code of professional ethics. I make myself available to both users and colleagues and I thank in advance all those who will

ODM International Sectiune Romania 🇷🇴

https://www.facebook.com/groups/844804492707119/about/ Acest grup in principiu e dedicat colegilor terapisti si clienti romani interesati sa se inscrie si sa obtina informatii de la Asociatia internationala de Masaj inscrisa in Registru de Comert in Canton Ticino , Elvetia. Visitati nostru website/blog internazional https://www.odmclub.ch/romania Ramanem la dispozitia dvs pentru informatii DORINA CIUPITU Persoana de contact pentru Romania Questo gruppo é principalmente dedicato ai colleghi terapisti ed utenti rumeni interessati ad iscriversi ed ottenere informazioni sull'Associazione International Board of Massage Therapist, iscritta al Registro di Commercio del Canton Ticino, Svizzera. Rest

ODM International professional profiles network Lavinia Kahuna 🇷🇴

April 10,2020, professional group inauguration ODM International Lavinia Kahuna 🇷🇴 Lavinia Kahuna, our new partner therapist, colleague and teacher of maderotherapy and bamboo massage Operational and very active in our association, it is at the service of users and the community. Visit his ODM International Lavinia Kahuna group just inaugurated on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/521653358744391/​

ODM International professional profiles network Paolo Leone 🇮🇹

April 08, 2020, professional group inauguration ODM International Paolo Leone 🇮🇹 Associate therapist, and ODM International Blogger, my colleague Paolo Leone is operational and very active in our association, also at the service of users and the community. We will soon organize online theoretical lessons thanks to your commitment as a teacher with adequate material available to support the students You can also follow his articles on our international website / blog on the "publications" section of the articles section https://www.odmclub.ch/publications

inscriptions therapist members 2020: Lavinia Kahuna Condorache, Constanta 🇷🇴

We are happy to announce your colleague membership Lavinia Kahuna Condorache N ° Reg. ODM 415/1457 Holistic masseuse maderotherapy teacher, and Bamboo massage At: congressman expert Ukrainian masseur, member and head of the Spa / Wellnes Union Ukraine in Romania 🇺🇦 🇷🇴 And at the Anna Baroni Academy 🇮🇹 0040771646861 (WhatsApp line) laviniacondorache@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/lavinia.kahuna.96

ODM International professional profiles network

ODM International professional profiles network Exclusive service for all International Board of Massage Therapist Association members Opening of a professional profile signed ODM International optimal for advertising and sharing events with all our members, training bodies and professional associations. Aimed at the dissemination of specific posts, articles, images and videos in the sector of massage therapy, manual and physical medicine, complementary and holistic professional medicine therapies Contact us for information and send your material to: odm.advice@gmail.com Rete profili professionali ODM International Servizio esclusivo per tutti i soci International Board of Massage Therapist

Viruses vs. Immune System

Viruses vs. Immune System Never underestimate the little opponents: you see a lion, no a virus We are called to respect life. We are called to respect nature, to others and to ourselves. And I feel called to do my part and inform. The only thing we can do right now? Eat better. Right in respect of ourselves and of our concerns which are not currently good food for thought (and for the immune system) is good to remember that what we eat and digest will be for us a right fuel, a just healing energy or a product and toxic waste which over time can ruin our health. In the automotive field, for example, we are called mechanical breakdown, electrical, electronics, and it comes to repairing the bod

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