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2020 agreements, BM Massage School Rugby - UK 

We are pleased to announce the stipulation of a new arrangement with

🇬🇧 BM Massage School

Reg. No. ODM 418/1460


MB Massage Therapy Team

29-31 Clifton Road

CV21 3PY

Rugby - UK

tel: 01788 877090

http // www.mbmassagetherapy.uk

directed by Mr. Mihai Bezniuc

smartphone and cervical

Too many smartphones and tablets: the "tablet neck" is now an epidemic

The compulsive use of portable screens causes stiffness in the neck and neck pain radiating to the arms to numb them. Women and young people most at risk

If you do a desk job and spend a lot of time in front of a computer or TV, your posture is probably not perfect. We spend too much time sitting, on average it has been calculated that...

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A welcome video was posted today in the "members" section of Albania 🇦🇱


We thank the esteemed colleague Lavdije Claudia Musaj for this

head of the ODM International Albania group and contact person, ambassador for Albania itself


PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES International Board of Massage Therapist Association (extrapolated from our statutes)

Art. 3

Promote the development of the massage therapy profession through professional training, protect the interests of the members, promote and coordinate the intercultural exchange between university centers, schools, associations at an international level, provide advice directly or through third parties in Switzerlan...