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Accredited teachers

Docenti accreditati 

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The project is carried out on the initiative of the International Board of Massage Therapist Association

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Accredited project experts:

Dr. Antonio Ruggio

Tamila Rzaieva

Yana Kovalchuk

Project partners:

All-Ukrainian Union of SPA professionals, resorts and wellness facilities of Ukraine



Information partners

Teacher accreditation application: send the following documents to our e-mail address

  • Accreditation request

  • Curriculum vitae,

  • Copy of valid identity document,

  • Teaching subjects for which you are qualified


Alessandro Visconti 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

N° reg. ODM 344/1388

Foot Reflexotherapy

Dr. Barbara R. Williams .jpg

Dr. Barbara R. Williams 🇺🇸

Accredited teacher

N° reg. ODM 26/1035


Traditional Chinese Medicine

Daniela Ricci, docente accreditata ODM I

Daniela Ricci 🇮🇹

accreditation teacher

n° reg. ODM 190/1188

Thai massage

Screenshot 2020-02-12 12.50.37.png

Dr. Davide Gerlando Schembri 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

Nr. Di reg. ODM 412/1454 

Nutraceuticals in the massotherapy field


Dr. Efrem Sabati 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° Reg. ODM 294/1302

Clinical psychology

Screenshot 2020-05-24 18.17.42.png

Fabrizio Renzoni 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

N° di Reg. ODM 387/1429

Biodynamic sacral skull


Federico Polimene  


Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 261/1258

Passive-active technique

Screenshot 2017-12-02 20.38.48.png

Dr. Giuseppe Dello Buono 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM 343/1387


Postural harmonization techniques

Dry needling

Dello Buono Method

Dr. ISSAM MUJAHED Socio ad honorem ODM I

Dr. Issam Mujahed 🇯🇴

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM 304/1310




Maria Rita Valentini 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

N° di Reg. ODM 354/1397

Walking prince rouletted visage


Massimo Grasso 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 355/1358

Vertebral manipulations

Screenshot 2020-05-24 19.32.13.png

Maurizio Ronchi 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 305/1311

Sportbodyworks techniques

Technical Passive / Active

Screenshot 2020-05-24 21.16.19.png

Paolo Leone 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° reg. 406/1448

sports massage,

myofascial massage,

Swedish massage


Dr. Roberto Baderna 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM 261/1256


pompage techniques


Dr. Sergey V. Serebryakov 🇷🇺

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM  201/1198

Ayurvedic medicine

Crystal therapy

uta scheven.jpg

Uta Scheven 🇩🇪

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 221/1218

International Lomi lomi Instructor

Screenshot 2020-05-25 14.15.54.png

Woraya Ardkhampa 🇹🇭

Accredited teacher

N° reg. ODM 282/1279

Thai massage techniques

Screenshot 2020-01-28 13.06.01.png

Anna Barini 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

N° reg. ODM 408/1450

Holistic Methods Techniques and Complementary Medicine

Daniel Fowlwr .jpg

Daniel Fowler 🇺🇸

accreditation teacher

n° reg. ODM 206/1203

International Lomi lomi Instructor


Daniele Venere 🇮🇹

accreditation teacher

n° reg. ODM 336//1379

Palpation anatomy

Devid Caressa.jpeg

Devid Caressa 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° Reg. ODM 374/1416

CranioSacral Therapy Upledger method


Dr. Fabio Bianchi 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° Reg. ODMODM 284/1281

anatomy and pathophysiology


Fabrizio Leo 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

N° di Reg. ODM 339/1362

Applied and specialized kinesiology

Neuro training


Prof. Gianluca Egidi 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

reg. no. ODM 336/1342


Therapeutic massage

Manual lymphatic drainage

Kinesiological taping

ethical behavior


Dr. Irina Ryabokon 🇷🇺

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM15/1024


Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine

Screenshot 2020-05-24 19.29.01.png

Dr. Madan Ashok Kumar 🇮🇳

Accredited teacher

reg. no. ODM 89/1098


Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine


Dr. Marta Sonzini 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

reg. no. ODM 319/1325 


Anatomy and physiology


Dr. Maureen Maher 🇨🇦

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 341/1385

​pediatric osteopathy

Nicola Pasquali, docente accreditato ODM

Nicola Pasquali 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM 329/1471

Zu method Taoist reflexology teacher


Dr. Riccardo Bocca  🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

n° reg. 342/1346

Pathophysiology of the musculoskeletal system

Screenshot 2020-05-24 19.57.02.png

Professor Rosario Bellia 🇮🇹

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM 308/1314


Rehabilitation techniques

Kinesiological taping application


Diacutaneous fibrolysis techniques



Dr. Silverio Di Rocca 🇦🇷

Accredited teacher

Reg. No. ODM 278 /1275



Vlada Comps 🇷🇺

Accredited teacher

n° reg. ODM70/1079


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