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Professional profiles of elite therapist members: Prof. Rosario Bellia

Professional profiles of elite therapist members: Prof. Rosario Bellia PERSONAL INFORMATIONS DESIRED OCCUPATION PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE From 1979 to today From 1982 to today EDUCATION AND TRAINING From 1976 to 1979 From 1979 to 1982 Bellia Rosario Via Pietro Mascagni, n. 16 24033 Calusco d’Adda (BG) (Italy) Google Earth geolocation https://earth.google.com/web/search/Via+Pietro+Mascagni,+n%2e+16++24033+Calusco+d’Adda++(BG)+(Italy)/@45.6928709,9.4601304,278.63433747a,711.32492343d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CqsBGoABEnoKJTB4NDc4NmFkYzU3ZDQ5MDRhMToweDE1ODg1MzkzNmYyZWE4ODcZz-xf_q_YRkAhcco3NpbrIkAqP1ZpYSBQaWV0cm8gTWFzY2FnbmksIG4uIDE2ICAyNDAzMyBDYWx1c2NvIGTigJlBZGRhICAoQkcpIChJdGFseRgCIAEiJgokCcfSKvYa_0ZA

Professional profiles of elite therapist members: Paolo Leone

Professional profiles of elite therapist members: Paolo Leone geolocation professional address Paolo Leone https://earth.google.com/web/search/Primo+sole+35+c+96010+Palazzolo+Acreide+(SR)/@37.057865,14.8981911,721.03422338a,822.73432042d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CpYBGmwSZgolMHgxMzExNzhmM2Y3OGExN2ZmOjB4MWMzNjMzZTc3NjQ1MmZhMhmhSs0eaIdCQCHVHTC038stQCorUHJpbW8gc29sZSAzNSBjIDk2MDEwIFBhbGF6em9sbyBBY3JlaWRlIChTUhgCIAEiJgokCTxrjWxV_0ZAESU2BnSb_kZAGXDYnLxR5yFAIT8cu8F93yFA Hi everyone, my name is Paolo Leone, I am a professional masseur, specialized in various massage techniques (Swedish, sports, decontracting, vertebral technique, lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, fascial, anti-stress) technical of mot

Profili professionali terapisti d'élite ODM International: Adailton De Sousa Barbosa🇧🇷

"CURRICULUM VITAE: Adailton De Souza Barbosa nato il 28/93/1964 in Paranà-BRASILE Passaporto e Cittadinanza - ITALIANA e-mail desouza.adailton@gmail.com cell. +41 076 509 46 99 Insegnante di Yoga, Ballerino, Coreografo e Terapista. Comincia la sua carriera in Brasile con la "Compagnia di Lennie Dale" e il "Joyce Ballet", direzione di Lennie Dale e Joyce Kherman. Trasferitosi in Europa, collabora con il C.S.C. - Centro Spettacolo Culturale. E la In Europa dal 1994 al 1996 lavora come massaggiatore e preparatore Tecnico per la squadra di Ginnastica Ritmica AURORA FANO Lingue Fluenti: Portuguese, Spagnolo e Italiano FORMAZIONI TERAPEUTICHE 2019/2020-Frequenta il corso di Agopuntura alla sc

Profili professionali terapisti d'élite ODM International: Dott. Giuseppe Dello Buono. 🇮🇹

Dott. GIUSEPPE DELLO BUONO nato a Teramo Residente in Via del Castagno n°6, 83048 Montella (AV) Ditta individuale fisioterapista Partita iva: 02097240648 Dott. GIUSEPPE DELLO BUONO Fisioterapista N° di Reg. ODM 343/1387 Fisioterapista, e Tecnico di armonizzazione posturale SEDI ITALIA Avellino, Via Annarumma geolocalizzazione indirizzo Earth Google https://earth.google.com/web/search/Ariano+Irpino+(AV),+Via+Cardito,+52/@41.1393782,15.0824051,588.73843119a,772.14327756d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=Co4BGmQSXgolMHgxMzM5ODkwOTdkOWNlYmUzOjB4Y2ZlYzYwNzFhYzRjMzI2OBkYxUl15FEQCEWDFMAMSouQCojQXJpYW5vIElycGlubyAoQVYpLCBWaWEgQ2FyZGl0bywgNTIYAiABIiYKJAmfaU2B5nhEQBHuUMqNmnVEQBkW1N7PFqAtQCGuZLmW948tQCgC Ariano Irpi

Profili professionali terapisti d'élite ODM International: Prof. Gianluca Egidi, Pescara 🇮🇹.

Prof. Gianluca Egidi: Classe 1977. dopo la formazione di base, decisi di dedicarmi al benessere ed alla salute delle persone , un campo che mi aveva sempre affascinato, ma volevo fare qualcosa di nuovo, diverso... mi avvicinai a questo mondo nel lontano 2005 iniziando a frequentare diversi corsi come preparatore atletico, massaggiatore olistico e massaggiatore sportivo. in seguito mi appassionai ancora di più e grazie al dott. Antonio Ruggio completai i miei studi presso la ODM International School of Massage Switzerland che è stata fondamentale per il mio percorso. Ho iniziato in primis con società sportive di ogni sport proseguendo col collaborare con medici ortopedici presso i loro studi

For participants in the International Wellness Open Day project, we publish free lessons.

dear friends and colleagues, for participants in the International Wellness Open Day project, we publish free lessons. The first lesson that Ukrainian colleagues have asked to do is already available for everyone. You can also write topics that interest you to grow your business. We also invite speakers - project specialists to teach master classes. All lessons will be published in this closed group. We thank our Ukrainian colleagues for their help and for the project. We invite everyone who is ready to share their experience for cooperation. Write in the comments the topics of the lessons that may interest you. cari amici e colleghi, per i partecipanti al progetto International Wellness Ope

History of massage

History of massage Massage is a word that has curious origins: there are those who support its derivation from the Greek "massein", that is, handle, knead, shape; others instead claim its derivation from the Hebrew masech, to exert pressure, or from the Arabic "mashes" which means to press, rub. Massage in antiquity In general, the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans tends to be considered as the beginning of its evolution, but the first descriptions regarding treatments that can be traced back to what we intend today as a massage can also be traced back to 7000 years ago, more precisely to the people Chinese and Hindu. In fact, there is talk of massage already in the Chinese text Cong-Fou

This is how our SPA-life turned out - we are constantly thinking about what to surprise our customer

#ukrainianwellnessopenday About very interesting, but a lot ;) This is how our SPA-life turned out - we are constantly thinking about what to surprise our customers with. Techniques, service (very desirable hi-class service), interesting proposals, atmosphere (if you only knew how many times I am surprised by the atmosphere… it goes beyond .. surprise)))) But for some reason we forget about very simple things - 5️⃣ feelings to help for us... Aromas and taste are the two strongest stimulants and our 2 helpers in creating unforgettable impressions and a unique atmosphere of SPA and Wellness space. We'll talk about flavors a little later Today about the taste✨ Usually for some reason it is

The question of the week: "what does" physiotherapist mean"?

The question of the week: "what does" physiotherapist "mean? Good evening Antonio, no I'm not a massage therapist. I am finishing the 4th year of a professional shiatsu path. I am generally interested in "alternative disciplines" for the physiological and spiritual well-being of the human being. Maybe I was wrong or read quickly, I thought you were connected with shiatsu. I would still be interested in understanding what it means "massage therapist" Ilaria The answer: Good morning Ilaria and congratulations for your determination that led you to the 4th year of training in the discipline of care and prevention of shiatsu. His is not a trivial question. However, shiatsu falls within the scope

Dear friends, colleagues, partners We all want to develop and expand our businesses, to create a sus

Dear friends, colleagues, partners We all want to develop and expand our businesses, to create a sustainable customer base, to minimize costs, optimize the efforts. We want to keep the attention of our audience and clients and to be in an integrated international team of experts and colleagues. It is important for all of us to keep in touch with our clients every day and be useful, interesting professionals with relevant proposals for them. We all want to be in trend, to join the team of the best colleagues and partners/ Every day we strive to learn something new, to communicate, to share experiences. At the same time we want to optimize our costs. 💝Ukrainian Wellness Open Day has been crea

Who is with me!? !! Join the World Wellness Team we will support Wellness-challenge in Ukraine !!

Who is with me!? !! Join the World Wellness Team we will support Wellness-challenge in Ukraine !! let the world see us! and I will not be an exception :) I am also joining the new Wellness - challenge 😍 It is said that in 21 days you can form a new habit. Shall we check? 👉Catch a new Wellness challenge! Do you want to do something useful and interesting for customers so that they are always committed to you and your services? 👉21 days publish on your Facebook page Wellness lifehacks, tips, recipes… and everything that will be useful and interesting for your friends, regular and potential customers, everyone who is interested in the topic of health promotion! Teach your community to live i

ukrainian wellness open day

ukrainianwellnessopenday Тексту багато, але час настав… Бо дискусія на цю тему почалася запальна і безжалісна. Дехто з фахівців доводить, що не знати цього - моветон і це треба робити регулярно. Сьогодні мова про #детоксікацію. Дехто з лікарів відверто сміється з цього терміну і спростовує всі аргументи - на свій, суб'єктивний, погляд.. Але незаперечними є тільки день та ніч, і то бувають виключення з правил - затемнення, полярні ночі та дні.. Якщо ви відкриєте медичні матеріли, то побачите, що терміну «шлаки» в науковій медицині не існує. ☝️Але 24 червня 1961 року в Баден-Бадені організовано «Міжнародне товариство гомотоксикології і антигомотоксичної медицини». Теорія була розроблена

use the frame for your Facebook image to support our project

Dear colleague, I am delighted to welcome you to the new international project, International Wellness Open Day We want to introduce you to the whole World Wellness Team. Please send information for the presentation: Your name Your country and your city your specialty and work experience your favorite type of massage / procedure / program 1-2 sentences you wish to convey to colleagues and potential customers. We are glad that you have joined the international project Don't forget to send the Manifesto to those who want good health! Follow the news on our page and use the frame for your Facebook image to support our project https://www.facebook.com/GMWCUkraine/posts/155248226072452 Cari colle

International Wellness Open Day.

Dear members, friends and colleagues! We are all committed to: * Develop and expand our business * create a stable customer base, * minimize costs, optimize efforts. We want to attract the attention of our customer audience and we also want to be part of a single team of experts and colleagues. We offer you a new project that allows you to solve all these problems. The project offers you a large number of opportunities, in the absence of investments. Together we can achieve an excellent result for each of us. We ask you to carefully study all the information on the new Wellness project, in which our Association is already actively participating, and gladly launches an invitation to all membe

new for July 2020 ODM International video gallery 2020 edition

new for July 2020 ODM International video gallery 2020 edition Dear members, here is a new pleasant surprise for you! We have just enriched the wide range of services for you regularly registered and operational members of our International Board of Massage Therapist Association, currently registered in 28 countries. We added on our international website / blog, in the "more" section the "videos" section https://www.odmclub.ch/videos We will use this video gallery at your service to promote your activities and your events in two ways: 1. We will publish your videos periodically by rewarding the best, highlighting them and in the foreground 2. this section is connected to our You Tube channel

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