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Accreditation of ODM International teachers

Accreditation of ODM International teachers 1. What is it about? It is an international accreditation awarded to our operating members in the field of professional training Who is accredited as an ODM International teacher? To candidates who teach in our branch as permanent teachers, at professional training institutions, or privately independently. 2. What requirements are required? Candidates must have the following requirements: 2.1 must be enrolled in the International Board of Massage Therapist Association, registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland 2.2 must be in possession of a degree or a qualification, and at least a specialization that includes a min

"10 point reflexology"

"10 point reflexology" What is foot reflexology? How is it practiced? What is it for and what ailments does it cure? Let's find out in 10 words. With foot, hand or facial reflexology it is possible to relieve headaches and back pain, reduce stress, relieve tension in the shoulders, even mitigate cold symptoms. What is reflexology This is the name of a discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and which consists in the targeted stimulation of certain points of the body crossed by what, precisely in China, are defined as energy meridians. Reflexologies are more than one. The best known and perhaps also the most effective is that of the foot, a part of the body rich in nerve

Serata informativa speciale formazione professionale "Massaggio Terapeutico" programma 202

Serata informativa speciale formazione professionale "Massaggio Terapeutico" programma 2020/2021 Riservata ai soci ODM International ed invitati Ordine del giorno: 18,30, benvenuto del Presidente ODM International Presentazione dei partecipanti, ed in sintesi loro obbiettivi ed aspettative cosa comporta frequentare corsi di formazione professionale cosa comporta lavorare con competenza e professionalità al servizio dell'utenza presentazione del programma di formazione professionale in Massaggio Terapeutico Presentazione programmi corsi specialistici nell'ambito della formazione professionale continua valenza e riconoscimento dei diplomi e certificazione delle ore di studio proposta: un corso

Conventions for training institutions 2020: Italian Kinesiological Taping Association

Conventions for training institutions 2020: Italian Kinesiological Taping Association Another cameo is added to the list of training institutions affiliated with our International Board of Massage Therapist Association, registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland It is the Italian Kinesiological Taping Association, founder and president of Professor Rosario Bellia see presentation of his publications in the "Publications / publications" section (books / books section) https://www.odmclub.ch/libri We thank Professor Rosario Bellia, our honorary member for his adherence and scientific contribution. With the reopening of the airports we will be able to consolidate

Creazione Gruppi professionali 2020: ODM Varese & dintorni

Creazione Gruppi professionali 2020: ODM Varese & dintorni​ https://www.facebook.com/groups/618029259130671/ Cari soci ODM International, abbiamo il piacere di presentare la nascita di un nuovo Gruppo ODM. Si tratta di ODM International Varese & dintorni Questo gruppo nasce spontaneamente a seguito del corso Dream Massage tenuto dallo SPA Manager Stefano Serra, ed organizzato da Claudia L. Musaj. Primi componenti e quindi soci fondatori tutti gli studenti del corso sopraccitato. Si sono successivamente iscritti alcuni soci terapisti d'élite ODM International tra i quali: Dott. Roger Battiston, Fisioterapista, e dipl. MFT personal trainer, Roberta Cinzia Frascaroli, Diploma triennale ODM Inte

The second module of the International Wellness Open DAY

Dear colleagues, the second module of the project continues. Many colleagues from different countries have already joined the project and started the second module. As a partner, I am always ready to help and answer questions See the benefits of the project .. 🔶 The second module of the International Wellness Open DAY is an incredible cascade of possibilities. 🔥First time in the industry: a starter kit that will truly save time and help each attendee grab the attention of potential customers (and return some quarantined to the office) 🙂. These are 10 new OPPORTUNITIES FOR EVERY PARTICIPANT: 1. In any form to tell potential clients about their professional activities 2. Easily and effectiv

Ferragosto & Post holidays.

Ferragosto & Post holidays A well-deserved August 15th, and then the post-holidays with a great uphill recovery We will all do our best to get back to work in style. We too as an international association offer our contribution to the resumption of activities * for all our elite therapist members, and their preventive and curative therapeutic activities, or in the complementary professional holistic field * for all training institutions affiliated with us, their students, trainees, accredited teachers, and management staff, * for all thermal centers, SPA & Wellness, and internship centers We will soon officially notify you of a big news that will significantly involve all of you members Cont

What to do When surgery is recommended ...

What to do When surgery is recommended ... When advised by the specialist doctor to undergo surgery, the patient's thoughts and concerns go immediately to any complications related to the surgery and to any difficulties he will encounter in the post-operative recovery of the injured party. These difficulties translate into terms of recovery percentage and recovery times: for this reason the rehabilitation process must take into account the inevitable physiological phases. Unfortunately, little importance is given to the pre-intervention physiotherapy phase. The goal of this phase of physiotherapy is to avoid muscle atrophy due to post-surgical immobility and to educate the patient, teaching

Gruppi ODM International 2020, Varese & dintorni 🇮🇹

ODM International 2020 groups, Varese & surroundings following the first training event in which our international association officially participated, the need arose to create this specific group in the city of Varese and surrounding areas The first adhesions to come from the students of the holistic training in Dream Massage held by the SPA Maager Stefano Serra our honorary member, and organized by Claudia L. Musaj, elite partner therapist and head of the ODM International Albania group Gruppi ODM International 2020, Varese & dintorni a seguito del primo evento formativo al quale la nostra associazione internazionalr ha ufficialmente partecipato, é nata l'esigenza di creare questo gruppo s

Registration 2020: Spa manager Stefano Antonio Serra, Naples Honorary Member International Board of

Registration 2020: Spa manager Stefano Antonio Serra, Naples Honorary Member International Board of Massage Therapist registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland geolocation professional address Earth Google https://earth.google.com/web/search/Corso+Vittorio+Emanuele,%C2%A0328+–%C2%A0Napoli+/@40.8432623,14.2444769,97.15559552a,775.94382909d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CpQBGmoSZAolMHgxMzNiMDg1NzViYThiMWU1OjB4OGY5YWJkOTViYWZjNjVmMhmROeAE8GtEQCFCQYQTLH0sQCopQ29yc28gVml0dG9yaW8gRW1hbnVlbGUswqAzMjgg4oCTwqBOYXBvbGkYAiABIiYKJAl-oMFbNf9GQBEiM91Ls_tGQBkG2P0DTfUhQCHUHlgA5tohQCgC curriculum vitae Personal informations Name and surname Stefano Antonio Serra Telephone +39 338 673110

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