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Accreditation of ODM International teachers

Accreditation of ODM International teachers

1. What is it about?

It is an international accreditation awarded to our operating members in the field of professional training

Who is accredited as an ODM International teacher?

To candidates who teach in our branch as permanent teachers, at professional training institutions, or privately independently.

2. What requirements are required?

Candidates must have the following requirements:

2.1 must be enrolled in the International Board of Massage Therapist Association,

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

2.2 must be in possession of a degree or a qualification, and at least a specialization that includes a minimum of 1500 hours of study between frontal hours approximately divided into 60% of practice and 40% of theory + work experience.

2.3 Performance of a teaching activity for a minimum of 4 years.

2.4 References welcome but not mandatory

4. documents required for application:

Applicants should send to

the following documents:

> a written application for admission

> copy of academic qualifications

> Curriculum Vitae

> professional address and contacts

> a photograph with good resolution

> any logo with good resolution

4. Accreditation procedures:

Four times a year, a two-day breathing session is organized in Switzerland for selected candidates to carry out a special training course dedicated to a series of important issues relating to the tasks of teaching in massage therapy, manual and physical medicine, and complementary medicine. and professional holistic in full compliance with multisciplinary relationships

Cost of the course per participant € 200 .-- (includes the certificate issued)

5. Accreditation procedures carried out in other countries:

They can be organized by training organizations or by individuals in other countries, under the following conditions.

5.1 The performance consists of the same methods mentioned above (see paragraph 4),

5.2 The organization is the responsibility of the applicants who will provide an adequate location where to carry out the aforementioned special training course,

5.3 Name and number of candidates must be received in advance by our team of experts with a minimum notice of 3 months,

> Cost of the course per participant € 200 .-- (includes the certificate issued)

> Travel, board and lodging costs for a team of experts (2 people) are charged to the requesting organizers.

6, Validity of the title:

the ODM International lecturer's certificate is valid for one year.

7. Renewal

The renewal includes participation in a specialized course in the field of continuing professional training

cost € 200 .--

(which include the International Board of Massage Therapist Association annual membership fee of € 80 .--)

8. Who are the qualifications issued by?

The title is issued by the International Board of Massage Therapist Association, and the evaluation of the material is carried out by experts who possess the following titles:

> Swiss Federal Certification as Adult Trainers (FA1 form)

> Swiss Federal Certification as Trainer for Adult Trainers (Form FFA 2)

Issued by the Swiss Institute of Pedagogy ISP

In addition, they attended courses for expert examiners of the CRS (Swiss Red Cross). They have also organized and actively participated as expert examiners for 6 consecutive years in the federal exams for the achievement of the Medical Massager diploma countersigned and authenticated by the Swiss Red Cross at the prestigious ODM International School of Massage Switzerland

What advantages does this title confer?

Being part of a very operational international association mainly means being actively involved having the opportunity to interact personally having a say.

Our association grants accredited teaching members a

> An international certificate,

> valid organizational support,

> practical and effective support,

> a training structure for continuous professional updating

> consultancy on the equivalence of qualifications and certification of study hours in Switzerland and other countries

> legal advice and handling of bureaucratic matters

> Creation of a professional profile

placed on the international website / blog under the appropriate item "accredited teachers"

> data entry, professional qualifications, Vurriculum Vitae, and professional address with Earth Google hyperlink in the prestigious International Health Dyrectory 2020 edition, the international guide to wellness operators, professional training institutions, SPA & wellness spas as potential internship and holiday centers study

> Organization and promotion of training courses conceived by the same ODM International accredited teachers

> organization of masterclasses and interventions such as speakers and presentation of their author techniques during important national and international events

Accreditamento internazionale docenti

ODM International

1. Di cosa si tratta?

È un accreditamento internazionale conferito ai nostri soci operativi nel campo della formazione professionale

A chi é conferito l'accreditamento di docente ODM International?

Ai canditati che insegnano nel nostro ramo come docenti di ruolo, presso enti di formazione professionale, o privatamente in modo indipendente.

2. Quali requisiti vengono richiesti?

I candidati devono avere i seguenti requisiti:

2.1 devono essere iscritti all'International Board of Massage Therapist Association,

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

2.2 devono essere in possesso di una laurea o un titolo di studio, e almeno una specializzazione che prevedano un minimo di 1500 ore di studio tra ore frontali approssimativamente suddivise in un 60% di pratica ed un 40% di teoria + esperienze lavorative.

2.3 Svolgimento di un'attività di docenza pari ad un minimo di 4 anni.

2.4 Gradite referenze ma non obbligatorie

4. documenti necessari alla candidtura:

I candidati devono inviare a

i seguenti documenti:

> una domanda di ammissione scritta

> copia dei titoli di studio

> Curriculum Vitae

> indirizzo professionale e contatti

> un fotografia con buona risoluzione

> eventuale logo con buona risoluzione

4. Procedure di accreditamento:

Quattro volte l'anno viene organizzato in Svizzera per i candidati selezionati un breathing di due giorni per lo svolgimento di corso formativo specialisco dedicato ad una serie di importanti tematiche inerenti i compiti della docenza nella massoteterapia, nella medicina manuale e fisica, e nella medicina complementare ed olistica professionale nel pieno rispetto dei rapporti multisciplinari

Costo del corso per partecipante € 200.-- (include l'attestato rilaciato)

5. Procedure di accreditamento svolte in altre Nazioni:

Possono essere organizzate da enti di formazione o da privati in altre nazioni, alle seguenti condizioni.

5.1 Lo svolgimento consiste con le stesse modalità sopraccitate (vedi paragrafo 4),