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🇨🇭 Evaluation of applications for assignment of therapies and professional training,

Candidate evaluation, One of our team of experts has been commissioned by our affiliated members to evaluate applications for sublease space assignment at a multidisciplinary center located in Lugano near the lake. Description: Ground floor, very bright, and quiet composed of: entrance reception and salad waiting, large mirrored room, local therapies, bathroom with 2 shower cabins, coffee break area. The management of the center is mainly interested in placing the following figures: 1 physical therapist, 1 Ayurvedic medicine therapist (room for yoga or professional training also available), 1 traditional Chinese medicine doctor or therapist (TCM professional training room also available), 1

ODM International Newsletter December 2019

Dear members, we are happy to have spent another year together with you, we thank the new members for joining us and the veterans for the constant commitment demonstrated concretely with all the appreciated initiatives. It has been a busy year that has taken root whose first sprouts will come in the light of the beginning of our upcoming 20s Let's start the year with the following initiatives: The interview, with which we offer all therapist members the opportunity to tell their stories by documenting their training path, their career, their professional life experience, also publicizing their current initiatives. The interview is also extended to training institutions and associations affil


THE INTERVIEW Good morning, in order to promote the activities of our members we intend to publish interview articles, are you interested? We enclose a small guide that can give you some indications about it. Thanks for collaboration, good day and good work. It would be nice to present it with an article as if it were an interview. Could you kindly write it by answering the following questions? 1. How was your passion for massage therapy born? 2. How did it come to life and how did it develop over the years? 3. has anyone encouraged or supported you on this journey? 4. What were the main difficulties encountered on this path? 5. What are your projects in the workplace? 6. How did you come in

🇨🇭Availability of basic educational programs and specializations for university centers and profes

International Board of Massage Therapist Association organizes various types of vocational training at the affiliated schools: * Professional training in Medical Massage - 2 years full time * Professional training in Therapeutic Massage - 9 months * Professional training in Biodynamic - three-year training * specialist courses - 3/5 days * basic courses - 3/5 days 3/5-day courses are currently: * diploma course in complete massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 1 * diploma course in complete massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 2 * diploma course in full massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 3 * Diploma course in Plantar Therapy Reflex Fitgeral

Registration 2019: Paolo Leoni Italy section.

Registration 2019: Paolo Leoni Italy section I don't know exactly how I fell in love with massage therapy. Since I was a child I have always loved the world of massage and motor activity, after having attended thousands of schools and professional courses I worked in various structures. In 2016 I decided to open my private practice, I was encouraged by my hunger to learn and realize myself. The greatest difficulties were economic ones, always making trips around Italy and not yet working but the tenacity and love for this work led me to do second jobs to reach my goals, continue to train and open a training school professional. I became aware of your association thanks to a colleague and fri

organization of professional training courses at university centers, schools and international assoc

organization of professional training courses at university centers, schools and international associations affiliated with the International Board of Massage Therapist Association Our International Board of Massage Therapist Association makes available to the direction of the aforementioned affiliated institutions: * teachers and technical authors and professional and oginal methods * educational programs * certificates * equipllenze advice * teachers and technical authors and professional and oginal methods * educational programs * certificates * equipllenze advice organizes various types of vocational training at the affiliated schools: * basic courses - 5 days - € 600.— * Professional tr

tunnel carpale

La Terapia Manuale contro la chirurgia per la sindrome del tunnel carpale. Questo studio ha valutato l’efficacia di un intervento chirurgico rispetto alla fisioterapia, composta principalmente da tecniche di terapia manuale massoterapiche tra cui le manovre di desensibilizzazione per la sindrome del tunnel carpale (CTS) e la nostra tecnica "Digi Presso Fasciale". L’ambiente scelto è stato un ambulatorio privato e il nostro studio massoterapico a Pescara,Italia. Dieci donne con CTS sono state inserite nello studio tra il febbraio 2018 e il gennaio 2019, con un follow-up ad un anno di distanza. Sono stati formati due gruppi: il gruppo della massoterapia (5 individui) ha ricevuto un intervento

Odm International friends of November 2019

Thanks to all the users that this month have asked or given us friendship on our Facebook professional pages from different parts of the world. Thanks to this initiative, pleasant and profitable collaborations have been born, we remain available for inscriptions, proposals, ideas, projects. 🇲🇦 Boushra Aq https://www.facebook.com/bouchra.aqbouch/about?lst=714888475%3A100002155872393%3A1572782619 🇮🇹 Comasia Montanaro https://www.facebook.com/comasia.montanaro 🇮🇹 Caterina Mastroianni https://www.facebook.com/caterina.mastroianni.7 🇺🇦 Hakan Altan Ozen https://www.facebook.com/hakan.ozen.1610 🇺🇦 Spaquatoria Ukraine https://www.facebook.com/SpaquatoriaUkraine/ 🇮🇹 Mario Londra https://

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, methods compared

day of intercultural training, Lymphatic Drainage Manual of the two most famous schools of the method, the Emil Vodder school and the Albert Leduc school met today at our DLM technical center. In the style of the Swiss Intercultural Health & Educatin Center they took part in today's training for the Vodder method Dr. Federica Zizzo 🇮🇹 and the complementary therapist Dipl. Annalise Crivelli 🇨🇭 for the Leduc method the massage therapies Dipl. Odm International Oana Cristina Dutu 🇷🇴 and Biserka Stojic 🇷🇸 Manual lymphatic drainage accelerates the healing process and at the same time removes the liquid that causes the edema and any pathogens or other foreign bodies The school Lymphatic dr

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