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Update, new services and improvements of our efficient and performing international website/blog htt

Update, new services and improvements of our efficient and performing international website/blog https://www.odmclub.ch Dear members, our international website/blog has been updated and it is even more performing for a better service to you and users Send us your professional stories, they will be included in your professional profile in the form of a blog that you can periodically update by telling even more about you promoting your activities. We will also insert your professional address at your discretion by showing it in hypertext form through the Google Earth geolocation service, it will be even easier to find you, calculate the best route to reach you at your workplace We support the

Aggiornamento profili professionali Associazione International Board of Massage Therapist: Dott. Gi

Aggiornamento profilo professionale Dott. Giuseppe Dello Buono Dott. GIUSEPPE DELLO BUONO Fisioterapista N° di Reg. ODM 343/1387 Fisioterapista,e Tecnico di armonizzazione posturale SEDI ITALIA Avellino, Via Annarumma, 51 Via Cardito, 52 Ariano Irpino (AV) Milano, Via Albino, 10 Pinerolo (TO), VIA BIGNONE 83/G SEDE SVIZZERA HEC Swiss Intercultural Health & Education Center Via Cattori 9/A Lugano Paradiso Swiss Anti-Aging Center Dr. Med.Werner Nussibaumer Via Cantonale, 32 CH-6929 – Gravesano info@giuseppedellobuono.it http://www.giuseppedellobuono.it Intervista televisiva su Irpinia TV Forum Salute 2012 Irpinia Tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Bscq14lfjc - Intervista VocePinerolese Web

Aktualisierung des professionellen Profils Maria Rita Valentini, Partnerin der Elite-Therapeutin 🇩�

Aktualisierung des professionellen Profils Maria Rita Valentini, Partnerin der Elite-Therapeutin 🇩🇪 🇨🇭 🇮🇹 Maria Rita Valentini Ringstrasse n. 6 611381 – Friedrichdorf Melchesee, 5 Juni 2019 Lebenslauf Maria Rita Valentini Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Ich heiße Maria Rita Valentini. Ich möchte Sie als Physiotherapeutin vorstellen. Ich habe meine Ausbildung am 17.10.2013 am Enrico Fermi Institute in Perugia absolviert und besitze eine der Vereinten Nationen, die vom italienischen Gesundheitsministerium zugelassen wurde und gemäß Art. 1 zertifiziert ist. 11 b) II der europäischen Richtlinie 2005/36 EG. Momentan arbeite ich im Hotel Alex für die Wintersaison in Zermatt bis zum 15. April.

Egidi protocol for autoimmune pathology

Egidi protocol for autoimmune pathology INTRODUCTION: Leaky Gut Syndrome is a term recently introduced, but already particularly dear to many health professionals, especially those most attentive to the diet-disease relationship. At the basis of this syndrome there is the hypothesis that the origin of many food intolerances, allergies and autoimmune diseases depends on the increased intestinal permeability. In practice, the intestines of these patients would not be able to adequately oppose the entry of food antigens, toxins and pathogens into the bloodstream. Like a faulty faucet that loses water (hence the term Leaky Gut - dripping intestine), breaches in the intestinal mucosa would theref

Aggiornamento profili professionali ODM International: Anna Baroni, Cento (FE) 🇮🇹

ANNA BARONI Massofisioterapista N° reg. ODM 408/1450 Docente convenzionata con International Board of Massage Therapist Association, iscritta al Registro di Commercio del Canton Ticino, Svizzera Docente CIDESCO 2011 Assistente corsi Richard Pearson Esperto di area professionale e qualifica Emilia Romagna Docente di Accademia per i DiBi Center Via Tasso, 1/a 44042 Cento di Ferrara (FE) Italy +39 338 602 7573 https://anna-baroni.webnode.it info@serenity-cento.it Estetista, autrice di testi , docente, floriterapeuta, massofisioterapista, Titolare della Beauty Farm "II Tempio della Salute Annabel" situato a Cento di Ferrara. Ho realizzato un metodo di lavoro che racchiude l'esperienza di oltre 3

June 2020 newsletter

June 2020 newsletter Professional Profiles Update Dear members, we are pleased to inform you about the updating of your professional profiles already present on our international website / blog in the "members" section of your country. The update consists of: 1. insertion of your page that will become a blog that you can update yourself over time, 2. Insertion of the hypertextual geolocation function of your professional address via Google Earth Then send us a text with your professional presentation, a photo gallery, your Curriculum Vitae notifying any changes of professional address and contacts. Update presentation of our international website / blog, https://www.odmclub.ch Constantly mon

Arnold Neuralgia:

Arnold Neuralgia: symptoms, diagnosis and therapy: Those who frequently suffer from migraines may already know this, but each attack of headaches can be different from the other. It is precisely the characteristics such as onset, time, location and intensity that provide you and the specialists with the ability to discriminate against a common headache, perhaps given by daily stress, by something more insidious, perhaps a symptom of a real pathology. Therefore it is legitimate to ask ourselves: what if yours wasn't a simple headache? Arnold's neuralgia: symptoms, diagnosis and therapy Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Arnold's neuralgia, because sometimes a migraine is not a simple headac

Paolo Leone, storia, contatti e Curriculum Vitae.

Buongiorno a tutti, mi chiamo Paolo leone sono un massaggiatore professionista, specializzato su vari tecniche di massaggio: Svedese, sportivo, decontratturante, tecnica vertebrale, linfodrenaggio, riflessologia plantare, fasciale , antistress tecnico dell’attività motoria e sportiva specializzato nel metodo Pilates, da qui ho inventato la mia personale metodica dal nome clinical Pilates posturale dove inserisco i concetti e gli esercizi del metodo Pilates classico con la ginnastica posturale. La mia filosofia di lavoro si basa sull'unione della terapia del massaggio con l’utilizzo della ginnastica come mantenimento. Il mio lavoro parte da una attenta valutazione posturale statica e dinamica

Activities affiliated training institutions: Objectives of the MB Massage Schools 🇬🇧 (Step two)

Activities affiliated training institutions: Objectives of the MB Massage Schools 🇬🇧 (Step two) Next step is to create a dedicated course accredited by CPD (Continuous Professional Development) aiming Business education in Alternative Industry. I personally practice Massage and especially sports massage and deep tissue massage since 2012. Started in my country, R.Moldova, and moved to United Kingdom, Rugby. At the present moment I am running a Massage and Health centre with another two therapists. Once started practicing massage therapy I have found that having just good massage skills is not enough and some management & marketing knowledge is needed. Having a high degree and practice in "

ALS successe -

ALS successe - successi SLA The story of Mr. Mario ..... I was contacted by Mr. Mario months ago for a leg problem that bored him in his sports activities .. from a first analysis and test I immediately understood that there was something abnormal in the muscle response and urgently recommended a neurological visit .. . In the meantime, the lockdown period came and I lost the news of Mario. I was contacted by telephone by his wife who gave me the news that they had been diagnosed with ALS in the hospital. I went to his home to evaluate his condition, since the appropriate health bodies and associations had refused ... I found Mario in a rigid bed and almost unable to move, stuffed with heavy

Activities affiliated training institutions: Objectives of the MB Massage Schools 🇬🇧(Step one)

Objectives of the MB Massage School affiliated with the International Board of Massage Therapist Association registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland MB Massage School's aim is to educate/inform (via courses, videos, webinars) the therapist such as Massage therapist, Aestheticians, Reflexologists, Alternative Therapists about the Management and Marketing in their industry, also to organise and promote courses, webinars that will help the therapists to gain more knowledge and skills in their professional development. The school has started just recently in March, and the only presence online it has is on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MBmassageschool with

June 2020: Update "schools" section

"Schools" heading update https://www.odmclub.ch/schools We have included new professional profiles for all professional training institutions affiliated to our International Board of Massage Therapist Association registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland The above profiles are complete with: registration number school logo name of the director direct access to websites and email addresses, phone contacts, Google Eart geolocation service directly connected to the address of the teaching offices The educational events of the aforementioned bodies will be reported on our international website / blog in the "more" section, subsection "event Calendar" https://www.

2020 agreements, BM Massage School Rugby - UK 🇬🇧

2020 agreements, BM Massage School Rugby - UK We are pleased to announce the stipulation of a new arrangement with 🇬🇧 BM Massage School Reg. No. ODM 418/1460 respectfully, MB Massage Therapy Team 29-31 Clifton Road CV21 3PY Rugby - UK tel: 01788 877090 http // www.mbmassagetherapy.uk directed by Mr. Mihai Bezniuc

smartphone and cervical

smartphone and cervical Too many smartphones and tablets: the "tablet neck" is now an epidemic The compulsive use of portable screens causes stiffness in the neck and neck pain radiating to the arms to numb them. Women and young people most at risk If you do a desk job and spend a lot of time in front of a computer or TV, your posture is probably not perfect. We spend too much time sitting, on average it has been calculated that we stay seated for at least 8/10 hours a day! We spend more and more time staring at a screen whether it is a TV, a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. While we work, we write messages, we surf the internet, we watch videos or we play online most likely we do it while sitt

updating of our international website/blog, section "members" section Albania

Constant updating of our international website / blog, A welcome video was posted today in the "members" section of Albania 🇦🇱 https://www.odmclub.ch/albania We thank the esteemed colleague Lavdije Claudia Musaj for this head of the ODM International Albania group and contact person, ambassador for Albania itself https://www.odmclub.ch/albania

PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES International Board of Massage Therapist Association Art. 3

PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES International Board of Massage Therapist Association (extrapolated from our statutes) Art. 3 Promote the development of the massage therapy profession through professional training, protect the interests of the members, promote and coordinate the intercultural exchange between university centers, schools, associations at an international level, provide advice directly or through third parties in Switzerland and abroad to the therapist members, and to patients, to encourage the organization of intercultural courses, study holidays, organization of conventions, open days, workshops, symposiums, to set up a specialized online and paper magazine, to organize courses for th

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