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The question of the week: "what does" physiotherapist mean"?

The question of the week: "what does" physiotherapist "mean?

Good evening Antonio, no I'm not a massage therapist. I am finishing the 4th year of a professional shiatsu path. I am generally interested in "alternative disciplines" for the physiological and spiritual well-being of the human being. Maybe I was wrong or read quickly, I thought you were connected with shiatsu.

I would still be interested in understanding what it means "massage therapist"


The answer:

Good morning Ilaria and congratulations for your determination that led you to the 4th year of training in the discipline of care and prevention of shiatsu. His is not a trivial question. However, shiatsu falls within the scope of manual therapies, we have several members practicing this discipline. The word "massage therapist" has different interpretations depending on the nation but in general, and as an expert * I can tell you that the main categories are divided into the manual and physical medicine sector, in the complementary medicine sector, and in the professional holistic sector, in compliance with the current laws and regulations of each country. And I allow myself a personal note valid for any discipline, method, and training: it is up to the training bodies to present students with a valid and complete study plan well organized and spread over the years of training, and to the good sense of each individual student and future practitioner to apply himself seriously and constantly without thinking that he has ever finished a study and has "arrived".