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🇨🇭20 years of diplomas, certifications and professional satisfactions

🇨🇭20 years of diplomas, certifications and professional satisfactions

the formation of the first federal examinations in Switzerland 1997,

to the training for medical masseurs with recognition of the Swiss Red Cross and cantonal subsidies 1999/2005,

from the training for technical prevention masseurs 2000, to the recognition of diplomas and certification of study hours by of Swiss health insurances through the Registry of Empirical Medicine 2007/2019

towards the future and beyond we renew ourselves in the 2019/2020 school year for the first time in Switzerland with professional training in Therapeutic Massage modules and with active participation in the World Kiew's Massage Record to which you are all invited to be personally involved in an important and impressive event by Guinness Book of Records for which, with a certificate of participation, you can say, that day I was there too!


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