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🇨🇭 Consultancy and service of academic equivalents and certification of study hours

Consultancy and service of academic equivalents and certification of study hours

Equivalence advice

procedures for recognition of qualifications and certification of study areas

Service exclusively reserved for our members, is included in the registration fee to our International Board of Massage Therapist Association

registered in the Commercial Register of the Ticino Canton Switzerland.

What do we offer through this service?

waste of time and money,

the necessary and original equivalence documentation in Italian, French, and German,

list of methods recognized by health insurance companies in the field of complementary medicine

carrying out an appropriate procedure that avoids the classic common errors encountered by applicants,

private consultancy by appointment at our office located in Lugano where you can check the whole package together before sending it to the competent authorities designated by the Swiss health insurance companies

What do you get?

recognition of the methods or groups of therapy methods which have been requested

a registration number and quality level RME Registry of Empirical Medicine

the guarantee of our association on the seriousness and integrity of the aforementioned procedures

What is this recognition and registration number for?

this is the most important recognition in Switzerland as it allows those who possess it to:

guarantee to its customers to have a 70% reimbursement on the therapies performed by recognized therapists

right to invoice forms 590

greater possibility of finding jobs

greater possibility to find space as recognized therapists in sublet at existing and operational studios

Provisions and procedure:

Our members are entitled to this consulting service,

following our instructions well within one month, therapist recognition and agreement number valid for Swiss health insurance are obtained


the costs of this procedure are included in the annual registration fee of the International Board of Massage Therapist Association,

the costs of registration RME, Registry of Empirical Medicine are borne by the applicant, this cost is calculated by the same RME based on the number or group of methods for which the recognition request is made.


the requesting partners of this exclusive consulting service can send the following documentation necessary for the recognition of each individual method:

diploma copy of the method

copy of certification of study hours and method path

copy of basic academic medicine diploma

certification copy of study hours and academic medicine course

obtain a Swiss criminal record certificate (only original document to attach)

copy of valid identity document

send everything in PDF format to:


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