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Therapist Member

Therapist Member

Category composed of: graduates, or operational therapists with a recognized professional degree in their own country), the admission of these members is based on the evaluation and relative approval or otherwise of the data provided by the candidates themselves by a team of experts appointed by the Committee.

They will get:

1.1 the preparation and publication of a professional profile on the official website / blog of the association,

1.2 insertion of name, professional address and contacts in the annual ODM International guide,

1.3 publication of articles, photos and posts on specific request with appointment to ODM official bloggers,

Annual fee € 67.--

professional profiles are present in the website / blog on the "members" page and visible in the section dedicated to one's own country

professional profiles are also published in the

ODM International Guide 2019 edition

and reported on the pages and in the rubrics of the social networks used by our association.


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