🇨🇦 Pediatric Osteopathy: Cranial Techniques & Advanced Treatment Protocols

Learn to treat some of the most common osteopathic dysfunctions in newborn babies including Cranial, Digestive, Feeding and Orthopedic dysfunctions in this ten week online course.

Did you know that there is a worldwide shortage of Osteopaths who are trained to treat Pediatric Osteopathic Dysfunctions?

Build your patient list and fulfill your CEU/ CPD requirements by focusing your practice on the faScinating, satisfying, and emerging new field of


You will have access to the Introduction chapter as well as the Workbook immediately after you enroll. The course runs for ten weeks with a new chapter being released each week starting June 3rd and ending on August 5th. Desktop (read-only) version of Workbook is included. Homework is due by mid September. Students who complete the course are eligible for a Certificate of Completion worth 30 hours (PCDs/ CEUs). Complete access to the course and videos for six months from course start to review the training videos. Access to our Facebook Question & Answer Forum. Monthly payment plan option.

The Workbook:

Online students have access to a desktop version (read-only) of the Workbook that accompanies the live course.



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