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🇨🇭ODM International newsletter April 2019

🇨🇭ODM International newsletter April 2019

the committee of the International Board of Massage Therapist is pleased to present the newly enrolled 2019

from left to right name, registration number, and professional qualification of our newly registered members

their professional profile is visible on our website / blog under the heading "Members"

🇮🇹ARIANNA BATTAGLIA N° reg. ODM 392/1434 Massaggiatore e Capo Bagnino Dipl. MCB Massoterapia Dipl. International School of Massage Therapist N° reg. ODM 392/1434 🇮🇹CLAUDIO SACCANI N° Reg. ODM 392/1434 Massofisioterapista, Massaggiatore Sportivo Ottico Optometrista 🇮🇹CLELIA PINTO n° reg. ODM 390/1432 Esp. Massaggiatore del benessere 🇮🇹Dott.ssa FEDERICA ZIZZO, n° reg. ODM 391/1433 Laurea in Scienze motorie, Dipl. MCB, e massoterapia Dipl. International School of Massage Therapist 🇮🇹FABRIZIO RENZONI N° di Reg. ODM 387/1429 diploma nazionale meiso shiatsu Massofisioterapia Osteopatia tradizionale dei fluidi Biodinamica craniosacrale 🇮🇹LIBERA BARBETTA N° Reg. ODM 270/1267 Massoterapia, e Operatrice ayurvedica Dipl. International School of Massage Therapist 🇮🇹MARCO MONTORI N° reg ODM 393/1435 Massofisioterapista, Massaggiatore sportivo Laureato in Scienze Motorie 🇭🇺 MÀRTA MOJZES Kapcsolattartó személy PR menedzser ODM Magyarországon Massoterapia Dipl. International School of Massage Therapist Naturopata 🇮🇹ROGER BATTISTON N°. Reg. ODM 395/1437 Massofisioterapista, Massaggiatore e Capo Bagnino degli stabilimenti idroterapici Massaggiatore e operatore salute Trainer ginnastica posturale 🇮🇹Dott. STEFANO IMPERIALE n° reg. ODM394/ 1436 Laurea in scienze motorie, Massaggiatore e Capo Bagnino degli stabilimenti idroterapici

RME awards

Our equipollence consulting service has the task of following the requesting members with the recognition of the tutols and the certification of the study hours by the Swiss health insurance companies (health insurance companies) in the field of complementary medicine. The procedure consists of completing the forms proposed by the RME Empirical Medicine Registry.

We receive at our site office at the law firm Avv. Aldo. Ferrini and associates in Lugano by appointment, the members requesting our assistance, saving them time and money, this advice is included in the annual fee for therapist members.

We take this opportunity to remind all our members of the availability of legal advice.

Recently the following partners have successfully used our consulting service and obtained a number of agreements with the Swiss health insurance companies at national level, from left to right:

🇧🇷 ADAILTON DE SOUZA Osteopata D.O.M.R.O.I. Massofisioterapista, n° reg. ODM 346/1390 🇺🇸 BARBARA R. WILLIAMS N° reg. ODM 26/1035 Massoterapista Massoterapia applicata Dipl. ODM International 🇷🇸 BISERKA STOJIC N° reg. ODM 348/1371 Assistente di cure sociosanitarie, Massoterapista Dipl. ODM International 🇮🇹 DANIELE VENERE Massaggiatrice Dipl. MCB Massoterapista Nr. Di reg. ODM 336//1379 🇷🇴 OANA CRISTINA DUTU n° reg. ODM 350/1373 Massoterapista Dipl. ODM International School of Massage 🇮🇹 ROBERTA CINZIA FRASCAROLI Assistente di cure Dipl. CRS "Addetta alle cure sociosanitarie" riconosciuta dalla Croce Rossa di Wabern 🇨🇭 SHARON BERGOMI n° di reg. ODM 343/1366 Massoterapista Dipl. ODM International 🇨🇭 SUNCICA STEMANKOVIC Nr. reg. ODM 380/1422 Dipl. massaggio classico nell’ambito della prevenzione c/o ODM International School of Massage 🇨🇭 🇹🇭 WORAYA ARDKHAMPA N° reg. ODM 282/1279 Massoterapista Dipl. ODM International

New sections:

Bulgaria, Czech RepublicIn April 2019,

two new international sections were opened for our Association, bringing the number of nations in which we count therapists, university centers, schools, professional associations and spa centers to 27 thousand.This is the Bulgaria section, contact person Mrs. Roza MIrkova And from the Czech Republic section, contact person Mrs. Milenka Dolečková

Professional training "adult trainers FA1 module certified

ODM International"

We celebrate the 20th anniversary of our association's organization by organizing

for all lecturer members who have worked at the ODM International School of Massages Switzerland or other schools and university centers affiliated with our International Board of Massage Association, organizing the FA1 professional refresher course for the first time "for adult trainers" to address mass-therapeutic methods certified by International Board of Massage Association.

Lecturer: Antonio Ruggio Medical Massage Therapist FA1 certified adult trainer

and Trainer of trainers for adults with FA2 certification, and "design" certificate issued by the Swiss Institute of Pedagogy.

Among the various topics of the FA1 module, the theme "the design" will be prominent, the students will have the opportunity to confront themselves with this important topic that will represent for the same students a source of direct gain during the same course.

The same exam thesis will be based on the design.

Key topics of the course:

basic concepts of applied andragogy

plan a training

concepts of admission to training,

statutes and regulations of a modular training,

role relationships,

the comunication

teacher / student,

teacher / direction,

student / direction

to correlate subjects

the evaluation


For registration and information

Copyright © International Board of Massage Therapist

International Board of Massage Therapist Association

12 December 2108:

Commercial register registration Canton Ticino, Switzerland N ° CHE-375.571.883

International PR, consulting hours study certification

Equivalence procedures in Switzerland

Carrying out bureaucratic procedures

Legal advice

Accounting consultancy

IT consulting

Official office at Ticonsul SA balance sheets, accounting, administrations,

Piazza Cioccaro 4 legal, tax and insurance consultancy

6900 Lugano (TI) funding


Legal Advice Service:

Studio Avv. A.Ferrini and associates


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