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Welcome from the coordinator and national manager of Uruguay: Ana Maria Bianchi 🇺🇾

Monte Video, 🇺🇾Saturday 15 April 2023

✅ Ana Maria Bianchi, coordinator and national manager ODM International Uruguay

✳️ Appointment to official office, bestowed upon her by the ODM Interantional Switzerland Headquarters Committee

▶️ Saturday January 21, 2023

✅ Ana Maria Bianchi, coordinadora y gerente nacional ODM Internacional Uruguay

✳️ Nombramiento para el cargo oficial, otorgado por el Comité de la sede de ODM International Suiza

▶️ sábado 21 de enero de 2023

✅ Ana Maria Bianchi, coordinatrice e responsabile nazionale ODM International Uruguay

✳️ nomina di incarico ufficiale, a lei conferita dal comitatato della sede centrale ODM Interantional in Svizzera

▶️ sabato 21 gennaio 2023


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