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Subscriptions, renewals, updates to ODM International 2022: Deiva Ruggio 🇨🇭

Subscriptions, renewals, updates to ODM International 2022: Deiva Ruggio 🇨🇭 ODM International registration date: September 2005 ODM International professional profile update: Tuesday May 03 2022

Deiva Ruggio 🇨🇭

N°. Reg. ODM 21/1030

International élite Therapist Partner Plus

Address and professional contacts

Benessere Collina D’oro

Piazza Brocchi 1,

6926 Montagnola,


professional 3D address geolocation


2003 Diploma in Foot Reflex Therapy

2004 Dipl. Academic basic medicine

2005 MTP Technical Massage Therapist of Prevention Dipl. at the ODM International School f massage Switzerland three-year training

2018 Ammissione International Board of Massager Therpist Association

2022 independent therapist at the "Benessere Collina D'Oro" therapy center


2001 Dipl. Masaje clásico

2003 Diplomado en Terapia de Reflejo Plantar

2004 Dipl. Académico medicina básica

2005 Diplomado MTP Técnico en Masaje Terapeuta de Prevención Dipl. En la Escuela Internacional ODM f masaje

2018 Admisión Junta Internacional de la Asociación de Terapeutas de Masaje

2022 terapeuta independiente en el centro de terapia "Benessere Collina D'Oro"


2001 Dipl. Massaggio classico

2003 Dipl Riflesso Terapia Plantare

2004 Dipl. Medicina Accademica di base

2005 Diploma MTP Massaggiatore Tecnico della Prevenzione Dipl. Presso la ODM International School of massage Switzerland

2018 Ammissione International Board of Massage Therapist Association

2022 terapista indipendente presso il centro di terapie "Benessere Collina D'Oro"

Diplomas, and certifications


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