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Specialized training organized by the ODM Partners: "Evolutionary Rifelssolology by Nicola Pasquali

Specialized training organized by the ODM partners: Mendrisio (TI) 🇨🇭 10, and 11 September 2022 Specialist course "Evolutionary Rifelssolology in the field of prevention,


Nicola Pasquali ODM International élite Therapist Partner Plus & Blogger N ° Reg. ODM 329/1471 Professional address: Como, Via Rezzonico, 39 Cernobbio, via Vincenzo Monti, 4 Italy ☎️ WhatsApp lines +4 176 228 82 92 🇨🇭 +39 339 8482096 🇮🇹

✅ Last weekend the basic course of curative reflexology took place at the “Ten Square Meters” Center in Mendrisio (TI) 🇨🇭

We introduced the basic concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Yin Yang where it comes from and the Five Movements, and how these can be applied to Foot Reflexology.

It was interesting to introduce the principle of the "Void of the Heart" fundamental for the operator, who then in practice, performed blindfolded, was able to develop sight through the emoti