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Activities affiliated training institutions: Objectives of the MB Massage Schools ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง(Step one)

Objectives of the MB Massage School affiliated with the International Board of Massage Therapist Association

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

MB Massage School's aim is to educate/inform (via courses, videos, webinars) the therapist such as Massage therapist, Aestheticians, Reflexologists, Alternative Therapists about the Management and Marketing in their industry, also to organise and promote courses, webinars that will help the therapists to gain more knowledge and skills in their professional development.

The school has started just recently in March, and the only presence online it has is on Facebook

with with few informational videos.

Obiettivi della MB Massage School affiliata alla International Board of Massage Therapist Association

iscritto nel registro di commercio del Canton Ticino, Svizzera

L'obiettivo della MB Massage School รจ di educare / informare (tramite corsi, video, webinar) il terapista come massaggiatore, estetisti, riflessologi, terapisti alternativi sulla gestione e il marketing nel loro settore, anche per organizzare e promuovere corsi, webinar che aiuteranno i terapisti per acquisire maggiori conoscenze e abilitร  nel loro sviluppo professionale.

La scuola รจ iniziata da poco a marzo e l'unica presenza online che ha รจ su Facebook

con con pochi video informativi.

29-31 Clifton Road

CV21 3PY


tel: 01788 877090