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2022: 25th anniversary of the birth of ODM International

2022: 25th anniversary of the birth of ODM International ODM International blog, published Thursday, September 15, 2022

,,, 25 years dedicated to the growth and evolution of massage therapy, manual and physical medicine, complementary and alternative medicine through professional training, and information through radio and television programs, articles in newspapers, specialized magazines and social networks.

,,, 25 years of work together with all our therapist partners, professional training institutions and operating associations in the health field. Our International Health Directory is mainly dedicated to all these professionals to serve users at an international level

,,, 25 years of great social commitment at an intercultural level thanks to which the registered partners have had and still have the opportunity to interact with each other by organizing international events and projects such as specialized holiday / study courses, scientific symposia, themed videoconferences,

,,, 25 years that we are proud to introduce you step by step in the section of our website/blog

photo gallery & History

We take this opportunity to thank all ODM International members currently operating in 3️⃣5️⃣ countries for their presence and assiduous commitment

✳️ 38 ODM International elite Therapist Partner plus & Blogger

✳️ 187 therapist partners,

✳️ 89 affiliates between directors of university centers, and private vocational training institutions

tenured teachers, freelance teachers, and presidents of professional associations

✳️ 8 sponsors

✳️ 409 students who attended ODM International School of Massage Switzerland in previous years