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• The massage can be applied for three purposes:

Healing massage Hygienic aesthetic massage Sports massage

• In these 3 types of massage the manual skills do not vary, only the method of application changes, that is the technique that is chosen according to the physical conditions of the patient; the manipulation will therefore be more or less fast, more or less deep. All or only some of the manual skills are applied, varying them according to the somatic and morphological characteristics and according to the trophism and muscle tone of each single segment of the body.

• Healing massage

It is applied in the after-effects of trauma or surgery, combining it with kinesitherapy and respiratory gymnastics. The indication for this type of therapy must always be established by the doctor.

• Hygienic or detoxifying massage

It drains the interstitial fluids, brings into circulation the catabolic substances which are then eliminated by the excretory organs, mobilizes and excites the fat cells thus also obtaining a slimming effect in those thickened body regions (due to edema and connective hypertrophy) in the skin and subcutis, where the venous and lymphatic passages are blocked. Even in this type of massage it