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Subscriptions, renewals, updates to ODM International 2022: Ana Bianchi 🇺🇾

Subscriptions, renewals, updates to ODM International 2022: Ana Bianchi 🇺🇾 . ODM International registration date: November 16, 2021 ODM International professional profile update: Tuesday, April 7, 2022 Last updated on Tuesday, December 27, 2022


International èliteTherapist Partner Plus & Blogger

n° reg. ODM 452/1494

Massage therapist,


rei ki

professional teacher

professional address & contacat

Juncal 1378/1503

11000 Montevideo


☎️ +598 96120549

ODM International Uruguay


Ana Maria Bianchi Ferrari

✅ part of the group of directors of the ODM International South America affiliated professional schools

✅ parte del grupo de directores de las escuelas profesionales afiliadas a ODM International South America

✅ facente parte del gruppo dei direttori delle scuole professionali convenzionate ODM International Sudamerica


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On Tuesday, October 22, 1966, a girl is born in the city of Paysandú, Uruguay.

She baptized Ana María, 3rd daughter of Ofelia and Diego.

They say that she was a very pampered baby by her brothers María Ofelia and Hugo Alejandro.

From the age of 6, athletics became her weakness until she finished elementary school, in secondary school volleyball became her passion for 25 years.

When she was very young, she was attracted to everything related to health. She said that she wanted to be a doctor, or a nurse like her mother, but when she entered high school and without knowing her reasons, the academic decision took another course.

In 1984 she began a career at the Faculty of Law to study Notary Public, and after studying for 4 years she decided not to continue since she felt that it was not the right path.

Before making the decision to study Massage Therapy, she was Belén's adoptive mother and Luca's biological mother.

With the boys grown up and more independent, that day came when she made the decision to start training which would allow her to feel that she could help others.

At the beginning of 2005, she was recommended by the Physiotherapist Elizabeth Bazzano as a teacher, thus deciding to begin this path of Massage Therapy, a path that has no return.

Today, 16 years after that election, she can confirm that she was the right one without a doubt.

That girl born on October 22 is me, Ana María Bianchi Ferrari

In the constant search for improvement, growth, exchange, excellence and driven by the vocation of service, every day I make the same choice from love and passion.