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Professional profiles of elite therapist members: Devid Caressa

My name is Devid Caressa,

I was born in Novara and after graduating from the Giacomo Leopardi Linguistic High School in my city, I decided to undertake a training course in the field of holistic therapies, in which I have been working since 2005.

As a naturopath graduated from the Riza Institute of Psychosomatic Medicine in Milan, my first job was as a volunteer abroad, specifically in Comitàn in Mexico, for two months at the local Edupaz association, which deals with giving assistance to children of the street, trying to give them an education that helps them to live.

Subsequently, from September 2005 to May 2006 I participated in the European Voluntary Service project and, again as a naturopath, I worked at the "Promyk Slonca" ("Sunbeam") center in Wroclaw in Poland, which deals with rehabilitation and well-being for disabled children.

Back in Italy, I worked for a year at the Sphenoid association, always dealing with naturopathy, specializing in foot reflexology, holistic massage and Bach flowers.

Between June and December 2007 I joined the International Civil Service project in Ghana, in Abor, on the border with Togo, where I learned a lot about the use and preparation of local herbs as a complementary treatment method (legally recognized and regulated in Ghana ).

Back in Italy, I started working at the Biomek Sanitas social and health cooperative in Novara, where I worked until December 2009. In the meantime, I began my Craniosacral Therapy Upledger Method path at the Uplegder Italia Institute in Trieste, where I graduated in June 2010.