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ODM International Friends October 2020

Thanks to all users who have asked us or given friendship on our professional Facebook pages from different parts of the world this month.

Thanks to this initiative, pleasant and profitable collaborations were born, we remain available for registration, proposals, ideas, projects.

kindly leave us your e-mail address, you will be updated on all the news and benefits of being a member of the International Board of Massage Therapist Association, registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

Grazie a questa iniziativa sono nate piacevoli e proficue collaborazioni, rimaniamo a disposizione per iscrizioni, proposte, idee, progetti.

lasciateci gentilmente il vostro indirizzo e-mail, sarete aggiornati su tutte le novità e vantaggi di essere soci della Associazione International Board of Massage Therapist, iscritta al Registro di Commercio del Canton Ticino, Svizzera

🇩🇪 Elfen Kristina

🇬🇾 Bms Mohammedth Medellin

🇨🇭Iz Zy(Isux)

🇨🇴 Sandra Muñoz Agudelo

🇧🇷 Alexandre Costa Alexandre Costa

🇮🇹 Paolo Marca

🇬🇧 Mary Hosse

🇹🇭 สมพร ปรารถนา

🇦🇮 Marnie Daniel

🇮🇹 Matteo Colantonio

🇷🇺 Saha Hidko

🇱🇺 Sergio Marcucci

🇹🇷 Pari Mo

🇹🇷 Tolga Tolga

🇹🇭 Vladimir Thaiprofimassage

🇷🇺 Лолита Лолита

🇷🇺 Марина Котова

🇰🇿 Александр Дружаев

🇨🇴 Marcela Mahecha

🇺🇦 Светлана Яроцкая

🇹🇭 น้ำผึ้ง น้ำผึ้ง

🇧🇷 Acupunturista Brenda

🇮🇹 Davide Amato

🇮🇹 Filly Manzulli

🇮🇳 Sudhir Mishra

🇮🇹 Rosa Frezza

🇮🇹 Marco Bergamini - Operatore Olistico

🇷🇴 Oana Savu

🇮🇩 Yuli Yuliantini

🇮🇩 Lavnature Oreansta Nauliana

🇮🇹 Gregorio Segatto

🇪🇸 Francisco Martinez

🇨🇳 Yana Wong

🇪🇬 Al Salem

🇮🇹 Giuseppe Dionisi

🇲🇽 Paco Cuevas

🇲🇽 Heztek Heztek

🇮🇩 Jeddy Masseur Jeddy Masseur

🇧🇩 Sk Masum Billah

🇮🇹 Stefania Alabrese

🇵🇷 Jamilette Torres

🇵🇪 Absalon Montoya Guivin

🇮🇹 Maria Elena Tiloca

🇺🇦 Василий Копинець

🇨🇱 rmen Julia Canto

🇦🇷 Sofia Moron

🇵🇾 Aida Caceres

🇦🇷 Veronica

🇵🇾 Margareth Cecilia

🇲🇽 Ivany Trujillo Gómez

🇦🇷 Franco Mendez

🇪🇬 Nader Ali

🇫🇷 Taichigong Cahors

🇱🇻 Alexandr Ermolaev

🇮🇳 Deva Balan

🇪🇸 Marta López Arias

🇲🇽 Cecord Educación

🇷🇺 Массажист Из Тамбова Вячеслав

🇧🇷 Anderson Bhagavan

🇩🇪 Souhel El

🇦🇺 Withney Brooks

🇮🇩 Anto Nisimbolon

🇮🇪 Malgorzata Kadri

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