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"10 point reflexology"

"10 point reflexology"

What is foot reflexology? How is it practiced? What is it for and what ailments does it cure? Let's find out in 10 words.

With foot, hand or facial reflexology it is possible to relieve headaches and back pain, reduce stress, relieve tension in the shoulders, even mitigate cold symptoms.

What is reflexology

This is the name of a discipline that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and which consists in the targeted stimulation of certain points of the body crossed by what, precisely in China, are defined as energy meridians. Reflexologies are more than one. The best known and perhaps also the most effective is that of the foot, a part of the body rich in nerve endings that are well suited to being stimulated and massaged. To it are added the reflexology of the hand and the face.

Here are 10 points that can help you understand this discipline more.


In foot reflexology, the human figure is compared to that of the tree: the roots are made up of the feet, the trunk is the spine and the branches are represented by the face, the closest to sunlight. According to this discipline, the foot supports the microcosm of the human being and for this reason it must be healthy and stable.


For physiology, this name is an automatic motor or secretory response, which does not depend on the will of the individual. In reflexology this response is induced by the transmission of a stimulus that starts from a peripheral receptor (present for example on the foot or hand), reaches a central organ such as the brain or spinal cord and from there it goes to an effector organ (a muscle , a gland,