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This is how our SPA-life turned out - we are constantly thinking about what to surprise our customer

About very interesting, but a lot ;)

This is how our SPA-life turned out - we are constantly thinking about what to surprise our customers with.

Techniques, service (very desirable hi-class service), interesting proposals, atmosphere (if you only knew how many times I am surprised by the atmosphere… it goes beyond .. surprise)))) But for some reason we forget about very simple things - 5️⃣ feelings to help for us... Aromas and taste are the two strongest stimulants and our 2 helpers in creating unforgettable impressions and a unique atmosphere of SPA and Wellness space.

We'll talk about flavors a little later Today about the taste✨

Usually for some reason it is customary to pay full attention to the restaurant (if the SPA or Wellness is in the hotel complex), and in the phyto-bar there is water-tea-fruit .. well if there are cocktails, but they are for some reason "no problem" .. there still sometimes live chocolates (why not Wellness-delicacies - it's still a mystery to me)… there are sometimes different fitness bars and other interesting puzzles of that strange bar concept :)

But do you know the secret? ☕️ Initially, the idea of ​​the phyto-bar in the spa was to give new taste impressions to guests, offering them something useful and very tasty, - To supplement and extend their visit to the SPA or Wellness Center, - Take time between procedures, -to give the opportunity to relax and chat over a cup of Wellness tea with what goes well with tea in the spa (not a pie and not a cake); And then the "average phyto-bar" in the SPA or Wellness has become a place where you can drink "compliment" tea with honey, buy a bottle of normal water and sit with a friend talking about something.

Of course, there are those where it is interesting, tasty and useful and creative. But such, as well as all talented in this world - 3-5%.

So today we will have something to talk about… 💥

We all know that every space in a SPA or Wellness is a space where the client will receive a certain procedure - even if it is a sonarium and the client sleeps a healthy sweet sleep there. Or it's landscape therapy restoration - in any case, it's an unforgettable positive impact on a person's condition - exactly what our clients pay for to get a new physical and emotional state.

💥Phito-bar in the SPA or Wellness- can also be such a pleasant procedure when the guest receives an unforgettable experience that will improve his feelings, health and emotions.

A separate topic of tea should not be discussed here, we have previously touched on the topic of quality water (do not forget that Ukraine has more than 20 types of table drinking water, not to mention the healing mineral waters)

🆒And now let's imagine that in our phyto-bar there are author's health teas (if it is interesting to whom to address and where to find on qualitative, branded author's blends of tea - write in my messenger I will give a hint), there is a separate Wellness menu with that "For tea" - I can reset the catalog of eco-producers, but it is in previous publications.

And now to what new Wellness-trends for phyto-bar have not yet been mastered in Ukraine en masse and can make your customers / guests healthier, and your cash collection more optimistic ;)

🆒The trinity of the main criteria of the wow-effect in the menu of the phyto-bar

1. A pronounced health effect in combination with high taste 2. Influence on emotional state (harmonization, relaxation, toning) 3. Supplements to certain SPA or Wellness programs (detoxification, weight correction, recovery, anti-aging / rejuvenation program, strengthening of immunity, for skin and hair, cellular nutrition for fitness programs and other programs and procedures).

And with all the variety of interesting proposals, such well-known trends as:

1️⃣ The traditional Ukrainian "Kalynnyk" is a vitamin bomb (the age of this drink is estimated at several centuries. Many recipes for its preparation were known in Ukrainian Polissya). How to cook: 1 kilogram of viburnum is taken for 4 liters of water. Sort the berries, rinse and put in a container. Dissolve 2.5 cups of sugar in boiling water and pour viburnum. The container is closed and infused for a week in a cool place. The drink is then filtered and drunk chilled. Add spices and mint and lime to taste When to drink: for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes and to quench thirst.

2️⃣ Turkish Salep (salepçi) Trolleys topped with brass samovars warm the travelers who find themselves in Istanbul in winter. Merchants of salep, a drink made from the dried roots of mountain orchids, save from the piercing wind. ⭐️The powder of cuckoo (yatryshnik) (salep flour) is the main ingredient. Also contains milk, rose water, cinnamon, vanilla extract and sugar. The drink, popular since the Ottoman Empire, is considered a powerful aphrodisiac. Due to the content of glucomannan in the plant, salep has other useful properties: it helps fight colds (especially sore throat) and digestive problems. This drink is an excellent immunomodulator, detoxifier and antioxidant.

3️⃣ About 10 years ago I was treated to an original sherbet (drink) after a SPA treatment at the Hurrem Sultan Hammam in Istanbul. It was the best Wellness drink I have ever tasted. He did two things at once - regained strength and calmed my, restored balance and energy. He just captured the whirlpool of feelings and emotions, was incredibly tasty and no looking at the effect - surprisingly still non-alcoholic :)

⭐️Sherbet in Turkey - an ancient drink as a cultural heritage - they preserves the recipe, adds its own special Turkish spices. Sherbet used to be served in the sultan's palace and was a drink that the sultan valued in gold. In total, there are more than 300 known unique varieties of sherbet. Orange, orange bitter, peach, apricot, plum, almond, pomegranate, cranberry, strawberry, carob and tamarind syrup are the most popular of all. Syrup of lilies, roses, violets, jasmine, narcissus, spindle and lotus flowers are most often used to create sensual aromas. I will give an affordable and most popular recipe:

🔥Ingredients: 3.5 liters of pure water 1 kg of plums 1 kg of black grapes 500 g of red apples 500 g of figs, half a lemon (juice) 2 tbsp. sugar 8 cloves 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger or half a teaspoon. ground 1 cinnamon stick or 1 tsp. ground cinnamon (without slide) Wash all fruits thoroughly, pit the plums and cut into 4 pieces each. Separate the grapes from the twigs. Peel the apples and cut into 8 pieces each. Cut figs into two parts, put all the chopped fruit in a saucepan and fill with water. Put the pan on the fire, add cloves, ginger and stir. Bring the drink to a boil and reduce the heat. Cook the sherbet for about 20 minutes at low boil. Meanwhile, squeeze the juice from half a lemon and strain it through a sieve. Mix the juice with the sugar and leave to dissolve. After boiling, pour lemon juice into the sherbet and stir. Boil the contents for 10 minutes and remove from the heat. Strain through a sieve into a separate container and refrigerate for a couple of hours to infuse.

This recipe is available for our country. But if you are interested - you can find your unique recipe from mallow, violets, lilies, jasmine, lotus (which gives it an intoxicating feeling) .. and of course the quality of spices will show this drink in a completely different way. But now is the fruit season - it's a pity to miss such a chance to surprise your guests.

4️⃣ Honey has already been talked about. And in our country there are no problems to find all variations of honey, organic, with impurities, craft, enriched, healing - any. I know at least 3 proven suppliers of UNIQUE honey, which will 100% surprise your already pampered guests. But now I want to remind you of the honey that will surprise and heal everyone, and which is still almost not offered in our Phyto and SPA bars. 🐝There is a huge difference between our usual honey and honey - Manuka - a very expensive honey with powerful properties, which quickly became the leader in "honey sales" and moved from the shelves of HLS fans in the hospital and the products of cosmetic brands.

Why is manuka honey breaking sales records, quickly gaining huge popularity around the world and the unofficial title of "the most useful honey"? Manuka family - New Zealand, where white and pink flowers of a tree-like shrub with the scientific name "fine-seeded broom", and Manuka in the Maori language in New Zealand, Australia and Tasmania. When flowering occurs, the plant produces an antibacterial substance called methylglyoxal, which is collected along with bee nectar during flower pollination. While other types of honey usually lose their antimicrobial potential under the influence of light and heat, Manuka, thanks to methylglyoxal, continues to provide antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the properties of manuka are preserved even when irradiated and sterilized - which makes it a truly indispensable product for medical use. Manuki has its own system for measuring efficiency, which is calculated based on the rate of death of bacteria and viruses. The obsolete name is "unique manuka factor" (UFM), the new one is a measure of dietary methylglyoxal (MGO). Accordingly - the higher this figure, the higher the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties of honey.

🐝Although the manuka plant has been used for medicinal purposes in New Zealand, the birthplace of the Maori, for centuries the unique antibacterial properties of the miracle manuka honey were first discovered by biochemist Peter Molan in the 1980s (who later founded the Medical Research University of Waikato in New York). Large-scale clinical trials have only begun in the last decade. Studies at large universities and medical schools have shown that when taken orally, this honey can heal mouth ulcers that occur after chemotherapy, reduce the number of bacteria in the stomach that cause gastritis, and reduce oxidative DNA damage in rats. In 2013, researchers at the University of the UAE found that in combination with other therapies, intravenous manuka honey helped slow the growth of cancerous tumors in mice. A large number of tests clearly show that Manuka is able to kill more than 80 strains of bacteria, including the most drug-resistant superbacteria - such as the deadly type of staphylococcus and pyogenic streptococcus. In addition, when treating wounds, manuka not only removes lymph fluid and eliminates infections, but also oxidizes the pH level of the skin - thereby accelerating healing and stimulating cell rejuvenation. It can be used simply with tea, and can be added to cocktails or fresh juices, smoothies.

5️⃣ SMART-food - as a component for unique Wellness-smoothies, cocktails and fresh juices. 🆒💯D4X Get Active: Collection of different varieties of honey (buckwheat, lime, Manuka, Padeva), spirulina powder, cinnamon extract, perga, L-carnosine, plant phospholipids (from soy lecithin), succinic acid, L-arginine

We have already talked about honey above and everyone knows its healing properties, especially when it is processed and stored in a vacuum. But the rest of the ingredients are very interesting:

👍 Succinic acid is a powerful natural antioxidant - a product obtained by processing natural amber. It has a unique effect: it accumulates in those areas that need it, ignoring healthy tissues. Succinic acid - a natural, inherent in the human body, a means of providing energy for muscles, brain, heart, nerves, an effective natural biostimulator - charges a person with energy, stimulates hair growth, makes the skin healthy and young, calms the nervous system, relieves headaches. When using succinic acid, the body's cells are saturated with oxygen dozens of times more intensely. Succinic acid can relieve fatigue with increased mental and physical exertion, accelerates the rehabilitation process during recovery, relieves intoxication of the body, including alcohol, promotes recovery from infectious diseases.

👍Spirulina - the most powerful source of beta-carotene and calcium - helps conserve energy during physical activity, saturates the body with the necessary amount of protein, strengthens the immune system and gives strength to cope with daily life routine. A high value of the coefficient of pure digestibility of protein means that the body will be able to efficiently break down and absorb all amino acids. 1 g of spirulina contains the same amount of nutrients as 1 kg of vegetables, contains all the most important types of amino acids, one of the best sources of protein.

👍The healing power of Perga is far superior to any efforts of pharmacists. This is confirmed by experienced beekeepers and those who have experienced the effects of its use. Perga (other names - "bee bread", "bread") - is a pollen processed by bees, collected from medicinal herbs. Perga contains: a complete list of amino acids needed by humans (including those that the body is unable to produce itself); enzymes that resist microbes; proteins; daily norm of vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, B12, P, A, D, E, K); a very large proportion of vitamins A and E. According to reviews, perga bee is especially relevant for the elderly. It has a stimulating effect on the brain, in particular improves memory and vision. In addition, bee products restore the body's strength in severe fatigue, provide vitality and energy, as well as effectively affect physical performance.

👍L-Carnosine promotes the production of lactic acid, thus helping to stabilize the level of calcium electrolytes, which is especially important for athletes: it is the safest and most natural way to recover as quickly as possible after maximum loads without dangerous side effects. L-carnosine, contained in the brain and muscles, prevents the accumulation of harmful metabolic products, which increases human endurance. Scientists have also found that L-carnosine prolongs youth and has other beneficial effects.

👍Arginine promotes the transport of creatine, which is the main source of energy for cells and muscles. In sports, he was recognized for conditions associated with insufficient oxygen supply - a suffocating gym, a big city and increased oxygen consumption (increased physical activity). Arginine stimulates blood circulation, which allows you to effectively transport creatine to the muscles. Due to this, creatine enters the muscle cells faster and the deficiency of ATP molecules is filled in a timely manner, strength and efficiency are increased.

👍SMART-food is ideal to use in the preparation of Wellness-cocktails, smoothies, fresh juices, can be added to any non-hot soft drinks, added to Wellness-desserts (just do not heat). In this version, SMART-food gives an instant effect and allows you to quickly get rid of both physical and mental fatigue. Restores the feeling "like after a long quality sleep" - peace, vigor, balance and efficiency. This dessert or drink will allow your guests to go through both the fitness load and recover after a hard week or work, exams, ideal for those who are long without vacation, or are in a state of stress.

🆒💯Now you know exactly what can not only surprise your customers, but also improve the quality of their condition, offer to continue the procedures in the phyto-bar in the Wellness-menu and get an additional competitive advantage and profit.

And what did you like the most? 🤗

by T.Rzaieva


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