The close relationship between massage therapy and therapeutic exercise in hip muscle imbalances.

The close relationship between massage therapy and therapeutic exercise in hip muscle imbalances.

The hip joint is made up of the pelvis and the femur. Inside we find very important ligaments: ileus / femoral ligament, ischium / femoral ligament, pubic / femoral ligament, ileus / femoral ligament. The movements of these two large joints are: movements of the femur: flexion / extension on the sagittal plane - abduction / adduction on the frontal plane - internal / external rotation on the transverse plane.

While the pelvis is the connecting link between the spine and the lower limbs therefore it has a role of transmission of forces and stabilization through the muscles of the trunk, an instability of the pelvis due to a muscular instability can lead to low back pain, hip, knee and ankle problems. for example a shortening of the muscle of the fascia lata and the gluteus maximus can lead to a taxability of the pelvis leading to a syndrome of the ileus / tibial fascia in the knee and trochanters bursitis a in the hip region.

A dominance of the hip flexor muscles can lead to incorrect hip mechanics which can lead to overuse gonalgia in the muscles connected to the knee, the various pelvis dysmetries can lead to imbalances of various muscles, and many other examples that I am not here. to describe why a post would not be enough.

I just want to say that the pelvis is the center of our body where everything starts and where everything arrives, making a postural evaluation is fundamental to understand the imbalances, then do a good job of myofascial decontracting massage therapy and then perform active mobilization exercises to finish perform stabilization exercises, are the basis to go to rebalance the center of our body and to benefit the whole body! Some photos to understand what we have described !! Good job everyone !!!​


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