🇬🇧 Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc MHCPC​, Belfast

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🇬🇧 Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc MHCPC​ Physiotherapy

Registration number ODM: 349/1393

Office 19

Towsend Enterprise Park

Towsend Street

Belfast BTI3 2 ES


Tel. 07460320034



🇬🇧 Ben Pianese, London

🇬🇧 Ben Pianese

n° reg. 267/1264

Massotherapist Dipl.

Rersp. Pubbliche Relazioni ODM Inghilterra

Contact person

Ben Pianese


Promotion of health through:



üThe art of manual therapies curative and preventive,


üVocational training,


üDissemination through publications, radio and television broadcasts, and social networks


üIntercultural exchanges between schools, associations, private and public institutions,


üPublic relations.


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It deals with public relations with schools, associations, and socio-medical figures related to massage therapy and manual medicine:


International Board of Massage Therapist and related Professional Register, an international organization for the promotion of health through use:

* of rehabilitative, manual, mass-physiotherapeutic and other curative and preventive techniques or methods,
* vocational training,
* publication of scientific texts, articles in specialized and daily journals,
* participation in radio and television broadcasts,
* organization of medical symposia, scientific events,
* organization of workshops and professional training seminars.

We currently operate with various socio-medical figures, university centers, spas, schools and massage therapy associations in 25 different countries.

Our official headquarters are currently in Switzerland.
We are constantly looking for the collaboration of suitable structures for possible opening of new regional or cantonal offices.


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tel. 004176 309 77 56

Skype address:  anto.ru

professional pages Facebook





At our office it is currently possible to organize:

  • International conferences

  • Professional training courses

  • Workshop

  • Open day


* WI FI and free parking

* Possibility to book room with breakfast

* Lunch reservation

* discounts and 20% discount on the aforementioned services


🇨🇭National agreements with Swiss health insurers

🇺🇸Agree with Global Phyosiotherapist CongressAtlanta/Georgia, USA 

🇺🇸Agree with Swiss Bodyworks Acupuncture, Healthy Beautiful Maternity(FL) – USA

🇨🇦    Agree withICEO, Center for Continuing Education of Osteopathy Toronto (CAN)

🇬🇧    Agree with Medical Monroe, Belafast UK

🇮🇹 In collaborazione con la Facoltà di fisioterapia dell’Università G. D’Annunzio Chieti, Italy

🇵🇱 n collaborazione con la Facoltà di fisioterapia Koszalin (PL)

🇨🇭 In collaborazione con AIMA Swiss Accademia Internazionale Massoterapia Applicata – CH  



🇮🇹 protocollo di intesa  conUPB Università Popolare Bioetica,Treviso – ITA

🇮🇹Agree with CSEN/CONIMilano, ITA

🇮🇹 Agree with ANFOSAssociazione Nazionale Formazione Olistica & Salute, Bari - ITA

🇮🇹 Agree with ENDAS Nazionale, Pescara – ITA

🇮🇹  Agree with AIFO Pescara – ITA

ODM International


Fermo Posta Lugano 1

6900 Lugano (TI)


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