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🇬🇧 Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc MHCPC​, Belfast

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🇬🇧 Monika Milczarek M.A B.Sc MHCPC​ Physiotherapy

Registration number ODM: 349/1393

Office 19

Towsend Enterprise Park

Towsend Street

Belfast BTI3 2 ES


Tel. 07460320034



MONROE MEDICAL Nl Ltd Belfast 🇬🇧

N° Reg. ODM 345/1389  350/1394


N° Reg. ODM 345/1389  350/1394


Office 19

Townsend Enterprise Park

BT13 2ES





Our Story


The company was established by a successful UK Registered Senior Specialist Physiotherapist and Extended Scope Practitioner.

Through her work in the field of advanced physiotherapy she became aware that there are many physiotherapists and nurses who seek professional assistance with medical registration process and recruitment procedures.

After working for 15 years in NHS, private clinics and hospitals, a lack of a comprehensive services for healthcare professionals became evident.

Monroe Medical decided to implement a new approach based on Professionalism.

Monroe Medical offers:

- assistance with adaptation placements in the UK and Ireland

- assistance with physiotherapy and nursing placements in the UK, Ireland and Poland

- comprehensive interview preparation

- help with practical placements

At Monroe Medical, we fully understand that selecting an agency or educational provider is a decisively important decision.
Our dedicated and registered healthcare professionals provide guidance and assistance to clients throughout the entire process.

o discuss your care needs and to find out more about how Monroe Medical can assist please call us on 02896009064 or send an email to info@monroemedical.co.uk.


🇬🇧 Ben Pianese, London

🇬🇧 Ben Pianese

n° reg. 267/1264

Massotherapist Dipl.

Rersp. Pubbliche Relazioni ODM Inghilterra

Contact person

Ben Pianese


Promotion of health through:



üThe art of manual therapies curative and preventive,


üVocational training,


üDissemination through publications, radio and television broadcasts, and social networks


üIntercultural exchanges between schools, associations, private and public institutions,


üPublic relations.


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International Board of Massage Therapist Association 

registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland


By registering with our association, you will be part of an international network currently branched into 28 countries

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Therapists working in the boulder and physiotherapy sector, manual and physical medicine operators of complementary professional medicine are registered with our association.

They are sharpened through a protocol of understanding University centers, schools and professional associations.


Organize, advertise, and develop with us


  • Your professional activities

  • Your professional training courses

  •  Workshop

  • Open day


Association International Board of Massage Therapist, supports you with:


  • Consulting for obtaining equivalences and certifications hours of study in Switzerland and in the countries where universities, affiliated schools and associations participate

  • Legal advice

  • Organization and opening of independent international Board of Massge Therapist offices in your city

  • National and international conferences

  • Organization Professional training courses at university centers, associated schools and professional associations

  • IT consulting, and indexing

  • Entering your data


The registration procedure is free, send to our e-mail address odm.advice@gmail.com

the following documents:

• Curriculum vitae

• Copy Degree, diplomas, certification of study hours

• Copy of valid identity document

• A photo possibly digital format JPEG (no scanner)

• Complete professional address

• Telephone number With international prefix

• Website

• Professional contact Facebook, Linkedin or other social networks


Approval: An annual registration fee of CHF 74.00 or € 65 will be required only in the event of approval.

  • International certificate of therapist partneradvice on equivalences certificates and certification of study hours in Switzerland

  • Legale legal advice in Switzerland

inclusion of your profile in intercultural free trade projects between university centers, schools, and professional associations currently affiliated with us in 28 countries




Website/blog: https://www.odmclub.ch                

international professional training information


Skype address:  anto.ru


🇨🇭 Pagine/gruppi professionale Facebook                       

Schools affiliated to the International Board of Massage Therapist https://www.facebook.com/ODM.Internationalmassageschoolugano/                                                       

Massotherapy ODM International Magazine https://www.facebook.com/groups/1693427764266558/                                          

Ordine Dei Massaggiatori    


Ordine Internazionale dei Massaggiatori

 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715749535366513 /

🇨🇭 professional page Linkedin