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Subscriptions, renewals, updates to ODM International 2022: Biserka Stojic 🇷🇸


International élite Therapist Partner Plus & Blogger

n° reg. ODM 167/1165

  • ODM International registration date: October 03,2011

  • ODM International professional profile update: December 21, 2022

Latest professional updateInternational Board of Massage Therapist Association 2022 Membership:Biserka Stojic 🇷🇸 

Three-year Diploma in Applied Massage Therapy

At ODM International

School of Massage Switzerland

and Healthcare Assistant,

Professional Qualifications

> Classic massage

> Foot reflexotherapy

> Manual lymphatic drainage.

> Myofascial techniques

> Connective techniques

> Sports massage

> Kinesio tape

> Postural evaluation

Professional address & contacts

HEC Swiss Intercultural Health & Education Center

Via Cattori 9 / A

Lugano Paradiso (TI) 🇨🇭

Recognized by Swiss health insurance companies

In the context of complementary therapies

Registered in the Empirical Medicine Register

Professional address geolocation 3D,8.9441509,293.16479149a,707.18164086d,35y,0h,45t,0r/data=CpABGmYSYAokMHg0Nzg0MmRiZDZiNWQzMjUzOjB4Nzk3NTcwY2VjZThjZTAwGeYEbXL4_kZAIVr6K79n4yFAKiZWaWEgQ2F0dG9yaSA5IC8gQSAgTHVnYW5vIFBhcmFkaXNvIChUSRgCIAEiJgokCQvrHL9p_0ZAET8cqsBT_UZAGRr3KwPb7CFAIbtJ8Dg-4CFAKAI

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ODM International Biserka Stojic, Massoterapista Dipl.


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