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Lecture notes on clinical psychology, 1. Mind-body as an inseparable unit

Lecture notes on clinical psychology
1. Mind-body as an inseparable unit

Psychosomatics: body and mind as a unit

When the body becomes the main way to express the affective-emotional discomfort that cannot find 'the words to tell it'

What is psychosomatics? Defining psychosomatics in a few lines is a difficult undertaking since this term takes on many meanings, but, while tolerating partiality, it can be said that:

- It is a plural science because it involves medicine, psychology, physiology and therefore more professionals who interact in the study and treatment of the disease.

- Studies the disease in terms of multifactoriality and complexity: in the disease (as in health) different biomedical and psychosocial factors always come into play which depending on the unique characteristics of the person (personality traits and behaviors) have different influences and weights.

- Illness is a condition that affects both the body and the mind as an inseparable unit. The symptomatic form is given by the simultaneous intersection of the affective-emotional and physical dimensions of the soma.

What are psychosomatic disorders and illnesses?