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International Health Directory: 5. Program description (key modules)

Lugano 🇨🇭 Monday, October 25, 2021

5. Program description (key modules)

The basic module: registration in the program, creation of a professional profile, with the possibility of publishing 2 videos, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes; registration diploma in the international catalog PRO module: basic module, place to place a photo catalog - up to 30 photos, possibility to insert up to 5 videos, place for 1 advertising banner with a link. - 1/4 page. VIP module: basic module, individual consultation with the placement of a professional profile, a place for placing an unlimited number of videos, a place for a photo catalog for 100 photos, a place for an advertising banner - 1/2 page; LUX module: basic module, professional profile with individual design, video presentation page, photo catalog page, 1-page advertising module, unlimited package of promotional consultancy, profiles, participation in expert training courses with a 30% discount, possibility of unlimited exchange of forms on the pages during the year. Copywriter services for the creation of unique presentation texts. 5. Descripción del programa (módulos clave) El módulo básico