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International Health Directorry: registrations reserved for ODM International partners only

Lugano, Wednesday November 3, 2021

International Health Directorry: registrations reserved for ODM International partners only

An international project created for the promotion and dissemination of highly qualified experts in massage, rehabilitation, kinesiology, osteopathy, and many other manual methods, both in the field of preventive and curative manual and physical medicine and in the field of holistic complementary medicine. professional.

The project was created for quick and effective "specialist-client" interaction, to organize cooperation between specialists, clients, schools and experts.

It allows specialists to access new interested clients as efficiently and quickly as possible, and clients receive a large selection of specialists with different qualifications in different countries and different specializations.

The project was carried out for:

  • recovery sector specialists,

  • clients who wish to find the most experienced specialists and masters of prevention and rehabilitation.

Participation in the catalog allows specialists to:

  • access the largest catalog of highly qualified specialists and be a member of the international business platform Wellness, massage, osteopathy, kinesiology, rehabilitation, SPA

  • Obtain support in promotion from the main organizer International Board of Massage Therapist Association as well as from Partner Associations;

  • publish your presentation, current changes in your presentation, new promotions and programs provided by the specialist;

  • post all contact information, all online resources and advertising as a separate option.

  • increase the organic coverage of their professional pages and sites, profiles on social networks;

  • participate in the international dissemination project of national Wellness and the international World Wellness Team, with a monetization system for communication and advertising.<