DM International membership and annual renewals 2020: Mihaela Moroianu 🇷🇴


We are pleased to introduce Mihaela Moroianu 🇷🇴

graduated this year in RTP, Reflex Therapy Fitgerald method.

Enrolled today in the International Board of Massage Therapist Assocition

Congratulations Mihaela,


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Iscrizioni soci ODM International e rinnovi annuali 2020: Mihaela Moroianu 🇷🇴

Abbiamo il piacere di presentare Mihaela Moroianu 🇷🇴

diplomatasi quest'anno in RTP, Riflesso Terapia Plantare metodo Fitgerald.

Iscritta in data odierna all'International Board of Massage Therapist Assocition

Congratulazioni Mihaela,


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