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History of massage

History of massage

Massage is a word that has curious origins: there are those who support its derivation from the Greek "massein", that is, handle, knead, shape; others instead claim its derivation from the Hebrew masech, to exert pressure, or from the Arabic "mashes" which means to press, rub.

Massage in antiquity

In general, the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans tends to be considered as the beginning of its evolution, but the first descriptions regarding treatments that can be traced back to what we intend today as a massage can also be traced back to 7000 years ago, more precisely to the people Chinese and Hindu. In fact, there is talk of massage already in the Chinese text Cong-Fou, and in the 4th book of Indian sacred texts of Ayur-Veda.

Many other ancient cultures such as the Maya, Hawaiian, Inca, avajo and Cherokee, used massage as a disease healing technique and as a means of prevention.

The Egyptians at the time of Cleopatra loved to be massaged immersed in fragrant waters and massage was considered sacred art like religious and divinatory rites.

Greeks and Romans