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smartphone and cervical

smartphone and cervical

Too many smartphones and tablets: the "tablet neck" is now an epidemic

The compulsive use of portable screens causes stiffness in the neck and neck pain radiating to the arms to numb them. Women and young people most at risk

If you do a desk job and spend a lot of time in front of a computer or TV, your posture is probably not perfect. We spend too much time sitting, on average it has been calculated that we stay seated for at least 8/10 hours a day! We spend more and more time staring at a screen whether it is a TV, a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. While we work, we write messages, we surf the internet, we watch videos or we play online most likely we do it while sitting. To this must be added the time we spend sitting in the car or on public transport to go to the office and go home.

Once upon a time there was the washerwoman's knee, the tennis elbow, the swimmer's shoulder. The former died out with the advent of washing machines, the others still hold out. But one has to bet that they will be outclassed by a disorder that is starting to be more and more frequent, the rampant tablet neck: a "disease" that is now spreading, according to a study published in the Journal of Pshysical Therapy Science between young people and women. The survey was conducted on students, teachers and employees of the University of Las Vegas to understand how common neck pain from reckless use of screens is, as well as to define their main risk factors; The results show, first of all, that more than half of those who regularly use the tablet admit to suffering from neck and shoulder pain,