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The importance of the anamnesis

The importance of the anamnesis.

In some cases, my patients / customers call me and ask to be able to do massage therapy, or even a hygienic, therapeutic massage, knowing that I deal with both posture, massage therapy and massage therapy.

For each of my activities whose services I also offer at home, I always pretend to have a first session in which the general data relating to the patient are collected, which can give indications on any ailments and / or pathologies.

This collection of data is called anamnesis.

In fact it is very important first of all to observe the patient in the neutral upright position, to check the two frontal and lateral projections, and to observe the physiological curves of the column or spine, from which any presumed scoliosis straightness can be detected, as in the case reported in the photos, which may already be symptomatic of cervical low back pain etc.