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Stay home, stay online: our international website/blog is on line at your service

International Board of Massage Therapist Association,

Stay home, stay online: our internationalwebsite/blog / is online at your service

Dear members and friends,

The current situation is a reality different from all those we have seen in the past. Every day we must react flexibly to new changes and accept that many things are no longer those of a short time ago.

One thing is certain, however: as an international association, we are able to offer our services quickly and independently of the location. Our employees all work from home. Our consultancy services continue to operate. Our members, health and holistic figures, training bodies and professional associations can therefore take advantage of the offer of the International Board of Massage Therapist Association without any restrictions.

Population health has become the top priority. As a service provider of:

 reception consultancy advice, information and registration,

Equip Swiss and international equivalence consultancy services,

 IT consultancy services, website / blog and social creation and management,

 consultancy services for the promotion of private business activities, therapist members, training bodies and professional associations,

 event organization

and much more

we want to give you more security and we are ready with flexible solutions so that you can plan the resumption of full-scale work quickly and easily. With this we would like to contribute to the stability of the infrastructures and offer a little normalcy in a situation where nothing seems more normal.

Free designer for creating or updating your professional profile

The registration of our international association includes the creation of your professional profile as individual therapists, university centers, training bodies and professional associations, spas and potential internships.

Send us your professional data for the creation or updating of your exclusive professional profile. It will be inserted in our international website / blog in the section "members" in the section of your country, also the same data are published in the ODM International Directory, shared in the pages and groups of the social networks we use, and indexed.

International Board of Massage Therapist Association for greater individuality is the extension of the activities of therapy centers, training bodies, and professional associations, thermal spas, wellness SPA, also as potential internship centers.

send us your articles, the presentation of your books, and links of your online magazines, we will be happy to introduce them on the "Publications" page

We remain at your disposal to advise you and be close to you and support this difficult moment:


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