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official participation in the Grand Massage & Wellness Congress Lviv 2020 🇺🇦

official participation in the Grand Massage

& Wellness Congress Lviv 2020 🇺🇦

my dear friends and colleagues,

my dear friends and colleagues, You know that I do not always have the opportunity to take part in events, since my free time is limited, I have to choose only the best events. Over time, I became very cautious and demanding in choosing among all kinds of event invitations sent to me to participate in conferences, congresses or exhibitions. In 2019, I attended as an expert and speaker at a large international event that took place in Kiev, Ukraine. I am grateful to my colleagues for the wonderful experience and journey. BUT! Now I know exactly what I want and what I definitely don’t want.

I decided to participate in the Grand Massage & Wellness Congress 2020 and in a workshop on the author's massage technique for several reasons: - worthy venue and level of organization - a very careful selection of participants - colleagues - advertising and professional marketing support - a very worthy attitude of the host country to expert authors of massage techniques and, above all, the real prospect of developing a professional project in Ukraine. I am no longer in the same age and status to exchange for little things. I have been working in our industry for over 36 years, and I want to respect my results and status with respect. Here I found everything I was looking for .. I know that registration is almost closed, but one free seat remains available for one participant, whose original massage technique is really unique, original and professional. I am ready to give one recommendation to the organizers of the Great Massage and Wellness Congress 2020.

The person who gets this opportunity will receive payment for advertising, promoting his brand and organizing future training courses in Ukraine. Send your applications and request information directly to:

In the spring we will go to Lviv, and this is a great place and time to start a successful project. Follow the news directly on the page and in groups, more information on these pages:


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