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Registration of the Anna Baroni School Ferrara 🇮🇹

International association of masseurs,

Entry in the commercial register of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland

is pleased to announce the registration of the Anna Baroni School located in the City of Ferrara cui whose delegation was welcomed with a true peacemaker today in Switzerland.

Present at the assembly: the director of the school of the same name Anna Baroni, with two of her collaborators and teachers Angela and Gregori Mircu who are also part of the community of ODM International members of the Romania section together with Dorina Ciupitu for the responsibility and contact person of the same section "Conductor of the meeting Mr. Antonio Ruggio Executive director of our association"

The next meeting will take place in the city of Lviv during the main event of the year 2020: "Grand Massage & Wellness Congress"

Please note: ours is a non-profit association, whose main purposes are:

1) Service of consultancy on qualifications and certifications of Swiss and international study hours

2) Organization of professional training at university centers, and professional schools affiliated to our association

3) Registration of doctors, therapists, and related insertion of professional data of the same in the ODM International Directory 2020 edition, and on our international website / blog in the "members" section in the respective countries

4) Organization of intercultural events, scientific symposia, workshops for and with training bodies and professional associations affiliated to our association

5) Legal advice service

6) Organization of internships in spas and adequately equipped professional structures affiliated to our association

7) Organization of professional training for vacation / study at spas and SPA structures, and wellness adequately equipped and affiliated to our association

More information on our international website / blog

send applications to:


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