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🇺🇦 Massage & Wellness Congress, which will be held in Lviv in late 28, 29 April.

My dear friends and colleagues

You know that in September 2019 I visited Ukraine for the first time on an official visit.

This visit was very important and I managed not only to reach important agreements, but also to open a joint project with the Union of professionals of spas, resorts and wellness facilities in Ukraine!

And now, in April 2020, I am invited to be an honorary speaker at the Grand Massage & Wellness Congress, which will be held in Lviv in late April.

International Grand Congress, in which experts and experts of international level share their experience and knowledge.

I will represent Switzerland in this congress. But I wish I could come there not alone !!

To ensure that our team of European specialists was not only worthy of being represented at the congress, but also wore the crown of winners and also showed high training standards and massage techniques among all participants.

I invite 9 people to Ukraine with me! I only have 9 seats with a partner discount (very symbolic payment) and we could become a team of partners of the International Institute of Medical Massage and Wellness Activities in Ukraine.

All the information on the site and of course you can ask me everything!

And we will certainly see the legendary Lviv :)

GMWC-2020 Grand Massage & Wellness Congress in Ukraine (LVIV) Grand Massage & Wellness Congress is the main event of the Wellness and Massage Industry in Ukraine! GMWC was held for the first time in Ukraine in 2005. Updated GMWC with a new program invites you to join an international team of experts...

I am pleased to communicate to all the International Board of Massage Therapist Association members my participation as a speaker also involved with a master class in this special event.

Our other members will participate with me:

Dr. Giuseppe Dello Buono

Prof. Rosario Bellia

Dr. Gerlando Davide Schembri


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