🇨🇭Availability of basic educational programs and specializations for university centers and profes

International Board of Massage Therapist Association organizes various types of vocational training at the affiliated schools:

* Professional training in Medical Massage - 2 years full time

* Professional training in Therapeutic Massage - 9 months

* Professional training in Biodynamic - three-year training

* specialist courses - 3/5 days

* basic courses - 3/5 days

3/5-day courses are currently:

* diploma course in complete massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 1

* diploma course in complete massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 2

* diploma course in full massage of the treatment and prevention method, level 3

* Diploma course in Plantar Therapy Reflex Fitgerald method

* Basic manual lymphatic drainage level

other specialized courses for therapists already graduated or graduated and operational with years of practice:

* master course in professional kinesiotaping

* master course in dry needling

* Master course in professional sports massage 1

* Master in professional sports massage 2

* master course in spinal manipulation 1

* master's course in spinal manipulation 2

* master in diacutaneous myofibrolysis

* master course in cupping

* master in manipulative massage

and others

Diplomas and certification of study hours are recognized at Swiss national level by Swiss health insurance companies (health insurance companies).

All students admitted to the courses are enrolled in the International Board of Massage Therapist Association registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton Ticino, Switzerland

with the following advantages:

• Professional certificate as a therapist,

• Creation and publication of a professional profile inserted on our website / international blog https://www.odmclub.ch

• publication of the aforementioned professional profile on our ODM International Directory and on the social networks we use

• Publication of interviews, articles, photographs and professional posts


• Consultancy for obtaining equivalences and certifications for hours of study in Switzerland and in the countries where universities, affiliated schools and associations participate

• Legal advice

• Establishment of agreement protocols for the hiring of university centers, schools and professional associations to international Board of Massage Therapist

• National and international conferences

• Organization Professional training courses at university centers, schools and associated professional associations

• IT consulting, and indexing

• Entering your data

Registration fee € 75 .--

annual renewal € 75 .--

this amount includes:

* creation and printing of the international certificate, postage costs

* creation of the professional profile

* The first free personal video call consultation, or at our offices in Switzerland


Website/blog: https://www.odmclub.ch

informazioni formazione professionale internazionale


Skype address: anto.ru


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