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October 8, 2017

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🇺🇦 Leopoli December 16, 17,18 - 2019: SWISS ELITE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE BY ANTONIO RUGGIO (information and registration)

November 22, 2019

🇺🇦 Leopoli December 16, 17,18 - 2019:    SWISS ELITE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE BY ANTONIO RUGGIO (information and registration)


Have you ever known that oriental combat arts contributed to wellness and massage?

The ancient Indian martial art of Kalari Payattu  has become the basis for Chinese kung fu, after  once in the end of the 4th century a Buddhist monk  adept on Kalari Payattu came to Shoaling.


This martial art was accompanied by special exercises for endurance, and a special type massage oil to increase flexibility of the body. Massage therapy took pride of place  between Kalari Payatta masters being one of the best means for preparing a fighter’s body for training and combat, for recovery and for necessary treatment, too.


Japanese emperors, known for their power, used massage to keep their mind and body awake. The technique of imperial massage became known as "An-ma."

Japanese samurai used a special technique of massage using their weapons for rapid restore after the battle. This technique is known as Tanto-aikuchi.


The martial arts also provide the use of “sockets” or “joint keys” for hurting the enemy by  overstressing one’s  joints.

Studying karate Shito-ryu since 1971, as well as being interested in different oriental  Martial Art, Dr. Antonio Ruggio  concern himself with the question whether did a human first learn: to hurt or to heal another one?  Having the question in mind, he began to study how can the techniques  martial arts  best be applied to get the exact opposite (healing) effect. In other words, how to use martial arts to create a healing practice for the musculoskeletal system and muscle definition.


The result was amazing! Having many years of medical experience and knowledge gained while working in surgery and in the operating room Dr. Antonio Ruggio  modified a combination of special manipulative techniques with classical massage therapy.

Since 1986, Antonio Ruggio has been practicing as a teacher and author of the method of “Swiss Elite Medical Massage Antonio Ruggio”. Bringing the eastern techniques of rehabilitation and chiropractic treatment into the line with European requirements and quality standards of massage, he applied all his deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create massage technology with Swiss precision and mapping out every detail.


The healing massage combines:

diagnostic methods;

classical massage using Antonio Ruggio’s unique techniques;

Eastern healing techniques based on Shito-ryu;

Swiss massage and precise detailed work with the musculoskeletal system;

work with the energies (balancing patient’s energies);

Each of these techniques is complete, but requires deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology, energy practice, as well as the skill of applying it in various cases and situations. The combination of these techniques has led to the possibility of restoration of the body in 3-4 sessions.

The technique includes a full range of methods and tools to provide the client with a complete sense of comfort, a cascade of amazing emotions and an excellent result even after the first session.

First, needs assessment is carried out ant the client’s expectation is determined. For this purpose are used special methods of psychodiagnostic. Such preparations allow to accurately determine the physical and emotional state of the client and to choose the right treatments . Already at this stage, the client experiences a pleasant sensation of relaxation, comfort, security. Based on the results obtained, his personal recovery or treatment program is defined.


Dr. Antonio Ruggio


Director of ODM International School of Massage (Switzerland);

President of the International Council of Masseurs and SPA therapists.

The author of the first federal exams for massage therapists in Switzerland


Founder of the first School for massage therapists, medical massage therapists in the canton of Ticino, with educational curricula approved by of the Swiss Red Cross (from 1999 to 2005).

Dr. Ruggio is in charge of  consulting services, approving of teaching hours and, organization of internships and procedures for recognition of qualifications as being equivalent to their degrees in massage in Switzerland. Having a  diploma of the Swiss Institute of Pedagogy as trainer for adults with (levels  FA1 ,FFA2. graduated in nursing with a specialization in surgical roomand medical massage therapist

The overall practical experience of teaching in the massage industry is more than 36 years.


Dr. Ruggio massage technique was used in Switzerland to form the following programs:

  • a training course to obtain a federal certificate of masseur skill;

  • professional training of medical masseurs with a diploma approved by the Swiss Red Cross;

  • training courses for medical massage therapists for additional recognition as a manual therapist by Swiss health insurance companies, with a certificate number and a number in the registry of empirical medicine.

Information basis

Swiss Elite Medical Massage by Antonio Ruggio ™: prevention and treatment,

Level 1

Swiss Elite Therapeutic Massage by Antonio Ruggio ™ reactivates lymphatic circulation and includes connective, myofascial and manipulative techniques. Is established and intended for spa treatment, medical and spa centers, clinics, wellness centers, medical specialists (massage therapists, body estheticians, cosmetologists, rehabilitation doctors). Includes a large number of classic basic and authoring techniques that can be used fully or as a partial therapy, depending on the procedure and the chosen program.

Course content:

European (Swiss) and Eastern therapeutic methods:

Restoring (therapy) of the lower extremities,

Restoring (therapy) of the upper limbs,


Restoring (therapy) of the  peritoneal cavity,

Restoring (therapy) of the shoulder girdle

Restoring (therapy) of the pelvic organs.

Restoring (therapy) of the spine (5 therapeutic parts)

Evidence for the application of the method:


1) can be used fully or as a partially for most healthy patients from 15 years of age and older. It is recommended for those following a sedentary lifestyle, and as a recovery for persons involved in sports.

2) is required  in a healing process after a long hospital stays and/or as a recovery after a hyperactive and stressful period (moving, exams, intensive training, etc.)



fever, fractures, muscle breaks, epilepsy, mental disorders in general, musculoskeletal trauma injury, infectious diseases, cancer. Treatment is not recommended for people with drug and alcohol addictions.

In Addition:

this method may be applied to women during pregnancy, but specific precautions for this case will not be considered during this workshop. This will be followed by a special training workshop on prenatal massage.

Values for the application (goals):

This method has several aspects in both Prevention and Cure. It reactivates  blood and lymph circulation, removes harmful catabolic substances, eliminates emotional tension, improves sleep phases, normalizes the bowels, keeps away the symptoms of pre-menstrual tension (relieves suffering from headaches and migraines), suitable for dealing with anxiety and work stress. It has a positive effect on the skin condition while providing a tonic and moisturizing effect for the skin. When combined with cosmetics, it makes up a full Wellness program.

Exclusive Features and Benefits of Swiss Elite Medical Massage by Antonio Ruggio™

  1. Analytical and statistical data for 36 years of professional activity suggest that the constant use of this method reduces the healing and rehabilitation time;

  2. The constant use allows the therapist to organize monitoring upon one’s patients, updating indicators of posture improvement.

  3. Fully adapted for use in beauty salons, aesthetics and health centers, spas and wellness centers, resorts etc.

  4. It goes well with cosmetic lines and programs.

  5. Highly applicable when working with “difficult and demanding” client.

  6. For new entrants in massage it provides an excellent baggage of knowledge and skills; for experienced massage therapists gives a new therapeutic technique to significantly expand the range of elite massage services, providing a serious method of healing and therapy.

As a result:

-  a new elite methodology and programs attracts a new flow of clients of the premium segment

-  a wide choice of tools and methods for acting  makes it easy to work with a demanding client;

-  business package allows to get many effective practical techniques to sell and promote massage services.

Training Programme:

  1. Customer needs assessment.

  2. Diagnostics.

Methods of East European topical diagnostics.

  1. Massage technology

Basic techniques

Special techniques

Exclusive Techniques by Dr. Ruggio

  1. Personal skills development:

- improving hand plastic

-  developing motor coordination

- extension of massage standard template

- masseur’s wellbeing restoration



Conjoined diploma of the International SPA Academy and the International School of Medical Masseurs (Switzerland), accredited in the canton of Ticino / Switzerland.


Dates:  December 16-17-18, 2019

9:30 to 18:00

13:00 to 13:45