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🇮🇹 November 2019 interview: Prof. Gianluca Egidi, Pescara

Professor Gianluca Egidi, massophysiotherapist, joined this year the big family of Pescara Basket. I went to see him in his studio to try to get to know him and make it better known to the fans.

How long have you been practicing this profession?

I have been doing this job for twenty years now. I trained in Switzerland, where I could compare myself with several luminaries in this sector and then returned to Italy.

Can you explain what massage therapy is?

Massage therapy is a therapeutic massage of the muscles that is performed exclusively with the hands. There is no use of medicines or other substances. Its purpose is to prevent diseases of the musculoskeletal system or rehabilitate those suffering from these diseases. Thanks to this technique it is possible to cure pathologies due to bad posture such as scogliosi and lombosciatalgia.

Is there any particular healing method you are proud of?

Yes, there is one. It is a technique I developed in Switzerland with Professor Antonio Ruggio to treat fibromyalgia.

What is fibromyalgia?

It is a chronic and systemic syndrome, whose main symptom is strong and widespread pain in the musculoskeletal system. It causes, among other things, bone pain, cramps and muscle stiffness.

What is your technique?

I must premise that until now fibromyalgia has always been treated thanks to the help of drugs. Professor Ruggio and I, on the other hand, have developed a massage therapy technique called "deep myofascial drainage". In practice, thanks to special massages we are going to restore the organic functionality of the human body. In fact, our study has shown that with some types of stimulating massages and a special diet our body is able to self-produce endopharmaceuticals or endorphins that may be more powerful than those produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Now we come to basketball. Are you a fan of this sport?

Sure. I have the Lakers shirt and among all the sports that I followed in my career, this is the one that involved me the most.

How did you get into Pescara Basket?

It all started with a meeting with Carlo Di Fabio this year. It was he who introduced me to what is more of a family than a team. I accepted this challenge because for me as a basketball fan it is a stimulating experience.

Is this your first time working in basketball?

Yes, for me this is a debut, if we want to say so. I have had experiences in other sporting disciplines during my career like volleyball, gymnastics and even American football. I missed an adventure like this and I'm glad I accepted this job.

How do you rate your experience so far?

My judgment can only be positive. The management of Pescara Basket is very attentive to the care of its athletes and even the boys have been willing to follow my work methods.

We just have to do a big good luck to Professor Egidi for his work and his adventure in Pescara Basket!


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