🇮🇹 🇨🇭 🇩🇪 My name is Valentini Maria Rita, Massophysiotherapist, therapist partner

My name is Valentini Maria Rita, I was born in Spoleto Perugia 53 years ago.

Twenty years ago I took part in a national competition, and I came to the top, so much so that in 1986, in September I left for a training course under the Ministry of the Interior.

I worked thirty years in this sector, moving to various cities in Italy.

At a certain point in my life I felt that I should give an answer to my soul, for which it has been asking me for many years.

A first question asked me when I was 32 years old, answering with the choice of separation, the growth of my two children and the choice to graduate in Sociology at the University of Urbino.

The choice of separation, led me to know LOVE, in its purest identification, taught me to love my children, because we are not born capable of loving, I had a Master, who in the midst of suffering taught me to love, to stay to take care of my children and be a good mother.

This experience made me understand the importance of love and contact.

Yes of the CON-TACT, so much so that over time I participated in the infant massage training course.

Touch is one of the five senses that is formed first as an organ of meaning.

The development of the senses in the fetus starts very early. The senses allow the fetus to enter into a relationship with itself and with the world around it: they allow you to feel life from the first moment, to relate to the world inside and outside the mother's belly, and to begin to form memory body.

Reading Ouspensky, a disciple of Gurdjieff, and Hillmann, both argue that each individual has hidden talents within himself, if he can discover them, he can benefit from his work and practice it in every part of the world. I was tired of my work, so I looked inside myself, and in a drawer, I found this passion for massage. So in 2010/2011, I decided to enroll at the Enrico Fermi Institute in Perugia, a consolidated School in teaching the ancient art of massage.

The school was based on courses normally set on weekends, with a lot of practice. Many hours of lessons. Very good teachers, with university careers and years of hospital, therefore competent in their work. The approach was positive, many students from every city or small country in Italy, with a great desire to learn. The school for those in need has made rooms and spaces available for the stay in the structure adjacent to the school building.

The learning of the subject was marked by exams, the learning procedure was very interesting. I have noticed many teachers in love with their subject, and the joy of teaching learners.

I was able to do an internship in the Hospital in Terni, at the Rehabilitation Center, and it was a great experience for me. There was also a large swimming pool and very advanced physiotherapy studies for those who had to undergo rehabilitation and treatment.

I graduated in 2013, after passing a Regional exam, with members of the Umbria Region and teachers of the Institute.

As soon as I graduated, I gained experience in a pharmacy studio, in private medical offices, which rented me a room to practice, I worked at the Terme di Chianciano, a heavy experience, above all for the number of clients who came to undergo treatment .

Always animated by the desire to move across the border, the miracle happened in 2016.

A door opened for Switzerland, I was lucky that they needed a professional like mine in a Spa in a 5-star hotel in Davos, I accepted and I left. I was a Supervisor, and from there I worked in several hotels in Switzerland and Germany.


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