Friendships of September 2019

Thanks to all the users that this month have asked or given us friendship on our Facebook professional pages from different parts of the world. Thanks to this initiative, pleasant and profitable collaborations have been born, we remain available for inscriptions, proposals, ideas, projects.

🇺🇦 Elena Kudym

🇮🇹 Gianfranco Prencipe

🇹🇷 Emrah Çetin

🇪🇸 Antonio Fanlo Lozano

🇦🇷 La Verdad

🇺🇦 Aleksander Moiseenko

🇧🇾 Rita Silvestri

🇮🇹 Giuseppe Mattozzi

🇮🇹 Rodolfo Veneruso

🇮🇹 Pilates Massaggi Ginnastica Posturale

🇮🇹 Antonio Paolo Valdina

🇮🇹 Rita Silvestri

🇺🇦 Alexandra Novikova

🇮🇹 Rosario Esposito

🇩🇪 Christl Kiener

🇮🇹 Rosario Esposito

🇺🇦 Korduban Andrey

🇧🇷 Rodrigo Passos

🇷🇸 Malinka Petrovic

🇺🇦 Liza Izmaylova

🇬🇧 Daryl Herbert

🇧🇬 Diana Todorova

🇺🇦 Яна Грищенко

🇦🇷 Martin Homes


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