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🇨🇭Specialized course for integrated treatment of Trigger points and pseudo-Dry Needling: integrate

🇨🇭 Lugano 12, 13 October 2019

Cycle of specialized courses aimed at therapeutic masseurs and physiotherapists only:

Specialized course

"evaluation and treatment of the cervical spine"

Teacher: Dott. Giuseppe Dello Buono.

Ciclo corsi specialistici indirizzati a solo ai massaggiatori terapeutici e fisioterapisti:

Corso specialistico

"valutazione e trattamento del rachide cervicale"

Docente: Dott. Giuseppe Dello Buono

THE DELLO BUONO METHOD Integrated treatment of Trigger points and pseudo-Dry Needling: integrated manual mobilization techniques (Course open only to therapeutic masseurs and physiotherapists) The course will explore the topics of integrated manual treatment of Trigger Points, through an innovative method characterized by techniques manuals integrated with Pseudo-Dry Needling with the aid of diapason. The aim of the course is to train participants in the techniques of evaluation, treatment and resolution of muscle-joint problems with insights into myofascial techniques. At the end of the course the participants will be able to practice the integrated manual treatment applicable in the context of all musculoskeletal problems and arterio-venous-lymphatic circulation pertaining to the physiotherapist and therapeutic masseur.