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🇺🇦 World Massage Record: Kiev 1, 2, 3 October 2019

Press release reserved for International Board of Massage Therapist Association members,

Dear members, join us at the great event of the year: World Massage Record: Kiev 1, 2, 3 October 2019

Do you want to contribute to this impressive event organized by our colleagues in Ukraine at Kiew?

Just to have a strong professional experience comparing yourself with the therapists of the best massage therapy schools in Ukraine and other European countries. Just to be able to say: "that day I was there too", Just for having participated once in a lifetime in a Guinness Book of Records.

we will send all the specifications and the registration form only to serious interested parties.

The event is organized by

Mr. Константин евчук / Konstantin Shevchuk,

and our participation was made possible thanks to the agreement with

Всеукраїнська профспілка "Союз професіоналів SPA,

курортів та Wellness - обєктів України "

Reg No. ODM 399 // 1441

03113 Ukraine

Kyiv city

Dehtyarevskaya str.47 of56

Union Professional SPA, Resort

& Wellness object in Україне

tell. +38097 3514221; +38044 2092719


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