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🇨🇭 thanks for all like July 2019

Thanks to all the users that this month have asked or given us friendship on our Facebook professional pages from different parts of the world. Thanks to this initiative, pleasant and profitable collaborations have been born, we remain available for inscriptions, proposals, ideas, projects.

🇺🇦Konstantin Shevchuk

🇺🇸Thomas Eggleton

🇹🇭Pan Naray

🇧🇬Ivan Nikolov

🇧🇬New Harmony

🇪🇸Life-Salud Centro Kinésico

🇧🇯Raphael Boko

🇨🇭Gabry Zappino

🇮🇹Giulia Recchia

🇧🇷Hildebrando Vanoni

🇹🇭Ampika Yahatta

🇪🇸Fernando Zurdo

🇺🇦Олесь Еросов

🇮🇹Simona Ruscitto

🇱🇮Krisztina Näf

🇷🇺Tatiana Gribaleva

🇮🇹Palazzolo Alessandro

🇮🇹Mara Rinaldi

🇵🇭Islas Filipinas Hilot

🇮🇹Alessandro Pizzatti

🇮🇹Serena Zeoli

🇹🇭La Lak

🇩🇿Masseur Kinesitherapeute

🇮🇹Salvatore Di Palermo

🇧🇪Michel Leduc

🇫🇷Nancy Issa

🇧🇷Inova Ultrassonografia

🇮🇹Andrea Redaelli

🇧🇷Persida Freire Justo

🇦🇱Arjan Llaperi

🇮🇳Jayant Manchanda

🇪🇸Marco Antonio Plaza Avila

🇧🇷Renato Marreira Veras

🇲🇩Olga Scripcenco

🇧🇷Rosi Lopes

🇮🇹Catia Ferrarese

🇮🇹Alessandro Giovanni Noto

🇮🇹Massimo Pilone

🇮🇹Silvia Ghidoni


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