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in November the guidelines for the recognition of the new "therapeutic massage" method N° 33 will be announced by the EMR, the Registry of Empirical Medicine.

The management of our International Board of Massage Therapist

Association, registered in the Commercial Register of the CantoN

Ticino, Switzerland, has obtained a preview of the provisional guidelines for the recognition of the "therapeutic massage" method which will be added to the list of RME methods and indicated with the n ° 33.

by carefully viewing the material sent to us by RME experts, we are pleased to anticipate to our members the following:

1. We will make available to the directorates of training institutions affiliated to us a vocational training plan for the development of professional training in therapeutic massage

2. We will organize for graduate therapist members or graduates of joint programs to obtain recognition of the RME method No. 33 therapeutic massage method.

We want to emphasize that ours is a non-profit association and not a school.

Part of our activities consists in making the training institutions affiliated to us grow professionally by making them available:

* valid educational programs

* school regulations such as statutes and legal bases to protect the Directorates of Training Institutions, teachers and students.

* code of professional ethics

* opportunity to organize incredible intercultural exchange programs in the current 28 nations with which they are registered in our association:

* therapist members,

* student members,

* training institutions such as university centers, vocational schools

* Professional associations

* internship centers

* Renewed spas, SPA Resort, Hotel

* partners and sponsors

part of our activities consists of providing advice on equivalence procedures


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