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🇨🇭 What is therapeutic massage?

What is therapeutic massage?

archive photos International Board of Massage TherapistAssociation; 2015 Gabriele D'Annunzio University Chieti, Italy Training day for manual therapy of soft tissues in the context of rehabilitation. Organized by Dr. Maria Grazia Bellomo, Proff Raoul Saggini, Dr. Antonio Ruggio speakers the bodyworkers Maurizio Ronchi and Federico Polimene

Therapeutic massage (massotherapy) is an ancient system designed to improve the well-being of our body.

It seems that already in ancient Greece massages and manual manipulations were used to alleviate the fatigue of daily activities. Over the centuries, therapeutic massage techniques have been perfected and recognized in the medical field, to become an important therapeutic technique envisaged in numerous rehabilitation programs.

The techniques for performing a therapeutic massage are different and vary in relation to the symptom or disease to be treated, but generally involve different phases of manipulation. Depending on the pathology detected by the patient, all or some of the following are applied.

TOUCH: The masseur's hands touch the skin in the area of ​​interest without exerting pressure.

FRICTION: In this phase the operator performs pressure, albeit slight, on the skin.

CLUTCH: The hands rub the epidermis, acting both on the superficial tissues and on the deeper ones.

MIXING: The muscles and the skin are "stapled" by the operator's hands, so as to lift and move them transversely.

PRESSURE: The skin is pinched to improve circulation and to facilitate the reabsorption of edema.

PERCUSSION: To improve muscle metabolism and their vascularization, the affected areas are staked with the fingers, with the edges of the hand or with the cupped hands.

For whom is therapeutic massage recommended?

Therapeutic massage is widely practiced in sports, in fact it is ideal for dissolving muscle contractures and warming up muscles.

Rest assured because to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage you don't need to be an athlete. Muscle disorders are certainly not exclusive to those who practice sports! Anyone who leads a life that is too sedentary or maintains incorrect posture for a long time during the day may also need this treatment. But there is more. The massage has a relaxing effect and makes the tissues more elastic, favoring the psychological well-being and circulation of the patient. It is therefore also indicated for those with circulation problems, often manifested by localized swelling on the lower limbs.

The therapeutic massage is an all-round rehabilitation technique that allows you to intervene on the most diverse pathologies. However, care must be taken not to underestimate the problems deriving from its erroneous execution. It is always preferable to contact a specialist both for the correct diagnosis of their own pathologies and for the execution of the massage.


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